Supporting mass murder to own the Cons

Until recently, Australia was about the only nation that cared about or reported on the murders of white farmers in South Africa.

As a result of Tucker Carlson’s show doing a segment on the South African Government’s seizure of white owned farm land, this issue has caught the attention of the President of the United States.

This is a legitimate humanitarian crisis.  First is the rights of farmers who have lived there for generations.  Second is the issue that when Zimbabwe did this as a fledgling nation, the nation of Rhodesia having just collapsed, the result was one of the worst famines in recent African history and the collapse of the Zimbabwean economy.

Because the farmers are white and Trump is involved, the #Resistance is now supporting the orchestrated murder of and property expropriation from white South African farmers.

Who else but Al Sharpton would call a widely reported on (in Australia) phenomenon a “white supremacist conspiracy.”

Just go through the responses to Trump’s Tweet above.  The number of people calling Trump a white supremacist for this, or justifying the murders and land grabs is sickening.

Yes, we all know that the far Left loves committing a genocide that allows them to steal the property of those being exterminated – e.g., Nazis and Jews, Soviets and Ukrainians, Young Turks and Armenians, Khmer Rouge, North Korea, etc.

This time, the TDS in the #Resistance  has made them open about it.

Supporting mass murder to own the Cons.



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