Via AP News: Tentative Senate gun deal has surprises, and loose ends

The outline of a bipartisan Senate agreement to rein in gun violence has no game-changing steps banning the deadliest firearms. It does propose measured provisions making it harder for some young gun buyers, or people considered threatening, to have weapons.

The deadliest weapon is a man with nothing left to lose. The tool he uses does not matter.

They are proposing allowing juvenile records to be part of a NICS check. This seems to be a reasonable path, if we have NICS make sure it includes the records of the animals that have juvenile records. “Well known to law enforcement until they turned 18” seems a poor tactic.

They are talking about extending the time till a NICS check defaults. Currently a NICS check either gives a “proceed”, a “deny” or “wait.” After three days an FFL can proceed after a “wait.” The proposal changes that from 3 days to 7 with the ability to proceed after 10 days. So instead of half a week, two weeks if the government does a slow down.

When I first moved here I found that every time I did a NICS check I got a wait. Turns out that Maryland just never responded to NICS check requests that would result in a “proceed” thereby adding a 3 day waiting period for anybody that moved out of state.

This went on for nearly 5 years. I can easily see them doing an intentional slow down. All you have to do is look at how long it takes to get permission to by ear protection devices that attach to your firearm. (Suppressors)

There are proposals to increase the removal of firearms without due process. Unlikely to have any punishment for those that abuse the system. The biggest push is to allow casual relations to result in the ability to get an EPO. So you might want to not stick it in crazy.

They claim that they aren’t going to ban semi-automatic rifles, but keep an eye out. There is no reason to trust these people.

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By awa

4 thoughts on “Surprise! Senate Gun Deal has loose ends”
  1. How about this? If there’s a conviction for cruelty to animals, no approval to buy a gun without a psychological clearance. That’s a real warning sign. I’d even say if there’s solid evidence of it, like a photograph of a kid with a bag of dead cats for instance, but I realize the difficulty of getting that kind of evidence.

  2. Betting pool. $1 gets you in, closest wins.
    How many minutes after any of their “common sense gun safety” laws pass will the words “it is a good first step.” be uttered?

  3. My bet? During the “discussion”.

    Hell, with over 20,000 gun laws already enacted, with all these “good first steps”, we should be halfway to Belize by now! (from starting point in CONUS of your choice)

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