Surveilance and other Holiday things.

On Christmas Day, our refrigerator decided to pull a Hans Gruber (without the dropping from the Nakatomi Tower) and we found ourselves dealing with the idiotic aftermath of losing the least amount of food possible. We have a small stand alone fridge which helped save some of the expensive items. Other stuff went to coolers with ice and other yet has began to spoil making the missus rather unhappy.

But making space in the freezer required brave sacrifice, so we had to extract the ribs and take care of them.


And since the missus did not get the hint about the remote smoker thermometer for Christmas (She got me a nice camera instead) I am forced to do the Surveillance of the Smoker once again.

If it looks stupid but works, it ain’t stupid.

5 Replies to “Surveilance and other Holiday things.”

  1. What a way to upset a holiday. My condolences on the added stress that brings.

    Dry Ice might be a better choice for cooling than just plain ice alone? Of course, are the stores with dry ice open on Christmas? Not much is open.

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