Douche Nukem released his anti-gun plan today.

There is lots in it that is bad, but the one that is total, absolute, ridiculous shit is this one:

Prohibit individuals from hoarding ammunition in quantities exceeding 200 rounds per caliber or gauge.

Two hundred rounds.

A single USPSA stage has a max of 32 rounds.  Six stages in a shoot.  That’s 192 rounds for a match.

A full course of Sporting Clays is 100 rounds.

A two hundred round limit means I can have one match worth of FMJ  and a single mag of JHP for self-defense in the same same caliber.

This is the dumbest, most unenforceable, out-to-hurt-target-shooters, bullshit imaginable.

The only consolation here is that he’s polling at 0%, even in his own state.

This guy is an unbelievable jaggof.


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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “Swalwell thinks there such a thing as too much ammo”
  1. Amazing how these morons keep recycling the same anti American shiite and wonder why nobody is listening to em. These dems are batshit F’in crazy and completely out in lulaa land

  2. Yes, you can have too much ammunition, depending on how strong your floor is.

    Otherwise, Swallwell, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!

  3. I’ve just started training in a more serious way. I’m spending an hour once or twice a week at the range. 100 rounds is a small session, normal is 150 rounds, 200 is a long session or a session teaching reloading techniques.

    You want to learn how to do quick mag changes? Training officer is putting 3 to 5 rounds in a mag and putting it in mag holder on your belt as you put aimed fire down range, slide locks back, do a “reload from empty” and start putting aimed rounds down range again. TO slaps next mage into your belt and you just keep going.

    We went through a fair bit of ammo on that day but I damn sure got better and cleaner at mag changes.

    And this Richard Wad tells me that I can’t even have enough ammo for ONE long training session. My guess is that he plans on the “no more than 200 in hand and no more than X per month. Nobody needs that sort of ammo.”

    Besides, I’m not sure what they are going to consider ammo. Is that the primers, the bullets, the amount of powder, or is it the pounds of lead I have?

    1. I’m sure that, if he even considered the idea of handloading, it was to regard all conponents as potentially counting towards the total of any and every caliber owned, because who knows what you might make it into? Never mind you have 200 of .22 rinfire, those 50 brass .357 cases might be turned into more! And that’s mot even including “making your ammo more powerful!”
      Either way, if it ever crossed his mind, it was sure to be in the negative. But I doubt it occurred to him in the first place.

  4. So, let me see if I have this correct.

    The very same people that think mandatory training and qualification requirements should be implemented, also want to limit the amount of ammo you can have for practicing?


    1. @CBMT Tek, you are incorrect. The same people that are sure that all police are pigs and use their badges and uniforms as hunting licenses for “people of color” are the only people that are trained and qualified to carry guns.

      They are just doing their jobs when they stop a guy attempting to commit suicide by cop (When you point an AR-15 at people, don’t pull the trigger, all while wearing black “tactical” gear, it is suicide by cop). They aren’t “good guys with guns”.

      Since you will never every be as good as any cop there is no need for you to train and there is no need for you to ever have more than 200 rounds of any one caliber. So, if you are a wanna be hero, (in their eyes), you should get out of your mama’s basement and stop pigging down on donuts and Big Macs, try and join a police force so you too can have a license to hunt PoC.

      PLEASE NOTE: There is a boat load of sarcasm in this missive. And there is a boat load of me using “their” words in the extremes in order to poke fun at thier mental state.

    2. CBMT, sometimes yes. Makes sense, doesn’t it? If training is required but no approved (government licensed) trainers exist, then so sorry, you can’t have a gun, but “we’re not infringing the constitution”.
      Similarly, some places (NY?) have proposed requiring a million dollars of liability insurance for gun owners, while at the same time prohibiting insurance of that kind — with claims like “NRA carry insurance is a ‘license to kill'”.
      Remember, you’re not dealing with honest people here. Their intentions are malicious, and you need to recognize that.

  5. I think this image sums up my feelings on Mr. Swalwell’s proposals, and this is just the 30-06 I happened to have handy, I have another 500 pieces of brass waiting to be loaded not mention my stockpiles of other calibers.

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