Conceited in defeat.

In the Biblio Facial Social Network, the cries of desperation over the November Massacre were at full swing. A selected/anointed Floridians were condemning The People for attending voting and doing it not for those that they should have according to them. The ever-present tea-bagger pejorative was quickly thrown into the mix with the inevitable “I am moving out of here” for good measure (And they never move, damn it!) One particular lady wrote:

Well, America has embraced racism, extremism and anti-intellectualism. What a proud day.

Till this post, I had chose to remain silent, but it ticked me off so I riposted:

Yep.. Marco Rubio is the Grand Dragon for the Hialeah Klavern. I seen him wearing the bedsheets and everything. They were a floral pattern that didn’t quite had the same frightening effect, but it did the job. And i swear I saw him setting crosses on fire with that Neo nazi Allen West.

And that is why you lost, ladies and gentlemen. The racism is on your side. Pretty much who I see complaining are a bunch of white Anglos accusing everybody who does not fit their narrative of being racist, extremist and anti intellectuals. There was no room for healthy debate with your side because you do not believe in debate. People got tired and voted your side out.
The bedsheets are hanging on your backyard after all.

They never got it and still don’t. The People spoke loud and said no to what this Democratic Leadership was doing. They hate the fact that we had the ability to frustrate their “best intentions” for us and their madness is such that they see black people or brown people that do not bow to their “intellect” as white Klukers. Voluntary political blindness is so pitiful

Anti Government? And you say that like it is a bad thing.

One of our local TV stations ran one of the hard hitting¬† “ZOMG! We are all gonna die!” pieces on the alleged resurgence of Anti Government forces, also known as Militias. Of course they had already dedicated part of their broadcast to the possible butt flaying that the Democrats will more than likely going to get in Congress by the end of business today.

I could not help but laugh at the fact that We The People are voting Anti Government today and these Media Morons have not figured it out yet.

BREAKING NEWS: The Militia is out in full force! They are using the Ballot Box to advance their Anti Government Agendas! Run For Your Lives!

Maybe we should pass a law against voting seeing that it could be used to “destroy” the Government. “If it only saves one lazy ass bastard, over spender, tax raising incumbent’s job, it will be worth it!”

Elections 2010: In case you are wondering.

How come I have not written some deeply inquisitive and/or reflective post.

  1. By now I am sure most everybody is sick to death of all the commercials, PSAs, commentaries, etc. I know I am. I am to the point that I rather be subjected to a Tele Tubbies Marathon that watch one more ad where one side tells me the other candidate used to work for Satan and sacrifices kittens and puppies every midnight.
  2. Who is not aware of that we are having an election? If you are just finding out, please return to your bunker or cave or crack pipe. You are an idiot undeserving of the right to vote.
  3. I am doing early voting this coming Friday and my list of candidates and choices is already made. I took careful consideration and made up my mind, but I am not trying to make up yours. You are a grown ass person, do the job yourself. We have this thing called the Internet where you can find all kinds of info.
  4. I don’t wanna engage in a discussion with idiots that have been handed the absolute truth by his/her organization/God/goat entrails and their version of oracle will happen to disagree with my choices.
  5. Yes, the Second Amendment will weigh heavily on the way I vote and no, your “No Compromise” candidate will deliver squat when the chips are down. Clowns do not direct the circus.
  6. I am feeling ornery.

That is all. And please, stop stuffing my mailbox with mailers saying that proposition Zero Alpha will bring certain death to the rights of Purple-Left Handed-Iberic-American Flying Snails of some remote neighborhood in the Arctic.

Preparing for Battle once more.

So we got our noses bloodied and got gut punched badly, so what? It is not the first time and will not be the last.¬† Let’s face it, we got complacent and let the Opposition dictate the election propaganda. The SCOTUS Heller decision was great but led us into a false sense of security which we paid dearly on November 4th.

So what’s next? Do me a favor, go get your wallet or purse and extract your NRA membership card. Is it valid? Are you still a member? Or you are not a member because you “don’t agree with some of the stuff they say/don’t say/do/ do not do”? I DO NOT CARE THE REASON WHY YOU ARE NOT A MEMBER. JOIN THE NRA NOW! Stop procrastinating! And if you are about to say something about finances, GunTalk.com got a special deal with the NRA to knock some serious dough off the membership fees. The basic is $25 instead of the regular $35. Also, if you have a wife, brother, significant other or friend, it will be a great time to give them that NRA membership. Why the NRA? Because it is the big mean lobby group with access to D.C. and they get heard. But we want them screaming at their ears 24-7 and that can only be achieved if we present a huge common front.

Then join other country wide Second Amendment groups or join them all if possible. The Second Amendment Foundation, Jews for The Preservation of Firearms Ownership, Pink Pistols, Arming Women Against Rape & Endangerment, are barely few in the many out there. Do a Google search, ask around forums, find more. Then join your State firearms organization. I do not have a list, but if by now you are not scared about what is coming and finding crap on your own, you probably do not care one way or the other about your rights.


And the most important of all: GO SHOOTING. Pick an organized discipline and join a local club. IDPA, IPSC, Polite Society, Sporting Clays, Silhouette, steels, whatever fancies you but shoot. Make your presence know, make noise.