Global Warming

A quick do-it-yourself Global Warming experiment.

Turn Oven on and set to 400 degrees. Place 2 glasses with water inside oven. Leave one glass of water alone and add 2 alka-seltzers to the other. Close oven.
According to the Global Warming defenders, after a couple of hours you should have a snowstorm inside your oven.

I must be doing something wrong. The only thing I keep getting is a damn mess inside the oven. But I will follow the precepts of the Grand Pope Of Global Doom, His Excellency  Al Gore and keep repeating the experiment till I get a slurpee.

Climate Change, David Copperfield style.

You gotta give it to the AlGorians, no matter how much Mother Nature proves them wrong, they love to come up with an excuse to explain why weather events happen just the opposite they predict.

In today’s New York Times we have the article “Climate-Change Debate Is Heating Up in Deep Freeze” and the best quote is the following:

Most climate scientists respond that the ferocious storms are consistent with forecasts that a heating planet will produce more frequent and more intense weather events.

OK, now if you care to explain to me how can I produce a pound of ice from the inside of a hot oven, I’ll buy into this Global Warming bullcrap. Otherwise just shut the hell up and wait till summer to bring the issue again.