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Government approved shooting sports.

If I am reading this correctly and Google Translate is not pulling my leg, Germany inspects and reviews IPSC shooters so they are not in violation of the country’s gun laws that apparently forbid not only large caliber weapons (I think they think anything above .22LR is large caliber) but also shooting on the move and any sport that includes defensive shooting. And checking for IDPA clubs in Germany, I see that none exist with IDPA HQ.

Somebody should tell Japete, maybe she’ll move to Germany.

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Why Not Regulate Guns as Seriously as Toys?

Nicholas Kristoff at The NY Times asks Why Not Regulate Guns as Seriously as Toys?
The obvious falsehood behind the question is old for most of us and well known as an excuse for more gun control. I am not here to rehash it but to approach it differently. How about we regulate all normal industries as we regulate the firearms industry?

Let’s say that you do own a Teddy Bear factory and are regulated under the rules the firearms industry. Do you know what happens if you happen to make a mistake in your inventory’s numbers and the amount of Teddy Bears comes up short? Or if they do not have serial numbers? If your answer is nothing, it is your stuff and the Feds have no business telling you squat about your inventory and it is stupid to have serial numbers for Teddy Bears, you are up for a very rude awakening.

You will probably recieve a visit from the Feds similar to this:

Extreme? Yes. Exaggerated claims? No and in many cases like Leonard Elliot, Monique MontgomeryPatty Mueller and many others have experienced.

While we are at it, Why don’t we regulate the News Business the same way we regulate the Firearms Industry? You publish anything that is not legal (Congress will determine what is legal to be published) or properly researched or have the proper licenses to publish, you may end up looking at the wrong end of an evil assault weapon. But don’t worry, they are the ones you told us should be armed.

OK so… Do we have a deal?

Yeah…. I didn’t think so either.

A New Trajectory or a New Japete?

Sebastian posted about a new blog called New Trajectory. This blog appears to be  under the blessing of CeaseFire of Oregon. The author, under the Cartoonish name of Baldr Odinson defines himself as “an activist for reducing gun violence in the Eugene, Oregon area, and all of Oregon.” As usual the “gun violence” schtick appears making this look that other types of violence, like beating the hell out of the wife and kids or stabbing people are OK.  In one of Mr. Baldr’s responses over Snowflakes in Hell, I caught the old “Let’s compromise” line and I replied to it and in his blog so I also decided to post here. Hey! It is my blog, right?


Baldr said: “some who have commented have made suggestions that I think both sides can start from in finding compromise”

So, what are you willing to give up? Our side has been giving up Second Amendment Rights since 1936. Will it be a good compromise for your side to stay off creating new gun laws for 70+ years? Or how about cutting by 2/3 the 20 thousand gun control laws currently in the books? Will your side publicly and loudly admit for the mistake and pay reparations for all the gun control laws placed in order to exert control on the Black population and other minorities plus the deadly consequences they brought? Will you call for the investigation on the abuses of the ATF and the prosecution of agents and administrators that broke the law?
You see, for your side, Concealed Weapons Laws, Open Carry, the cases of Heller and McDonald and the Assault Weapons Sunset appear as big steps back. For us,75 years of constant erosion of our Rights, those things do not even constitute a Good First Step (Remember this expression, if you don’t know it, you’ll hear it plenty coming from your side).
When we hear “compromise” we actually hear “get in the back of the bus nigger. And don’t complain, we are letting you ride the bus after all.” When we see a property with a sign saying “No guns allowed” what we see is “No Blacks, Spics or Chinks” or water fountains that say “For White People Only.” When we see in the news that a legislature wants to criminalize self-defense because they think police should be the only ones armed (and not because they can actually stop crime when it happens, they know better than that) or a prosecutor seeking political notoriety decides to drop the powers of his office on a law abiding citizen that had to defend himself with a gun, what we see is a crowd of idiots dressed in white robes and hoods, lynching a good man under the light of a burning cross.

But you want solutions and I’ll give you my take: If you are not a felon or determined mentally incompetent by a panel of 3 randomly-selected psychiatrists that specialize in violent people, you are free to carry and own whatever you please, otherwise you are forbidden. Next apply Florida Law: you get 10 years for using a gun in a crime, 20 years if you shoot it and Life in Prison if you wound somebody.

And if you think that is not enough, let me remind you that even a low life psychopath like Jared Lee Loughner will never have his First Amendment rights and many others suspended. As a matter of fact, he is being provided at taxpayer’s expense all the considerations possible to be tried under the cannons of our Bill Of Rights.


Some say I might be a tad too suspicious and that I should give the benefit of the doubt. Sorry but we’ve been burned so many times by the “Let’s Compromise” club that I think we cannot afford to keep doing it. Specially when you catch them saying one thing to you and repeating the same old lies and plotting behind your back. More on this in future posts.

The Price of Gun Control: Venezuela.

The following is a Google Translate result of an article in Spanish by Globovision. Some stuff will not make a sense grammatically, but I am sure you will get the gist.

Venezuela, one of the most violent countries in Latin America, reported 17,600 murders in 2009, according to figures from the Venezuelan Observatory of Violence organization (OVV).

Our projection for this year of (is) 17,600 murders, “he told AFP Roberto Briceño León, directorof OVV.

“These are conservative figures. Here we are not considering resistance to authority, which includesmore than 2,000 dead, nor the dead in this December has been very strong, “he added.

According to Briceño León, the total of deaths between 4,000 and 5,000 homicides were recorded inCaracas, “one of the most violent cities in the region with 230 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants.

We continue to Caracas in the Midwest states, which are also the most populous. It is an urbanproblem, which mainly affects the poorest people, “ said the expert.

Venezuela has a population of 29 million, according to the National Statistics Institute (INE).

The government does (has) not provided figures for violence for years and is the weekly newspaper(s) which provides statistics on crimes based on the number of bodies entering the morgues.

The OVV in 2009 estimated that 16,047 people were killed. This figure is below that shows a report of the INE, leaked to the press in August, which estimated that in 2009 there were 19,133 murders in the country.

According to
surveys, the growing insecurity is the biggest concern for Venezuelans.

“It’s terribly disturbing, Venezuela has four times more homicides than Mexico. And there is an opinion,a formal response, “ said Briceno.

In January 2010, the government declared an “offensive against insecurity and special security devices (operations) deployed throughout the country.

The Socialist Powers That Be are an abject failure…or maybe not. Remember that Gun Control is always about People Control and Venezuela has plunged into abject misery thanks to all the Nanny State crap (including Gun Control Laws) brought by “The Revolution” and one sure way to keep people from assaulting the ramparts and keep them home afraid is to have them scared shitless of even walking outside their homes.

Not here, no way, no how.

Sad state of affairs.

Yesterday I am talking on the phone with an old family friend in Venezuela. I asked him about the status of the new Disarmament Law and if it was already on the books for good. It turns out it is not yet, but they are expecting its final approval soon. He also told me that he had to part with his collection of 12 assorted weapons in order to remain legal as the new law only allows one firearm per person per lifetime. He sold some and gave the others to friends and relatives that were looking for a gun and hoping (key word: hoping) they can register them before the new law takes effect.

In the meantime, murders keep climbing and the situation is so bad, Hugo’s Government has all but clamped down on news outlets so they do not report crime faithfully. The newspaper El Nacional was raided by the political police for publishing a graphic image of the bodies of murder victims stacked like abandoned furniture at the overwhelmed morgue in Caracas.

In the meantime, Venezuela’s murder rate is 54 per 100,000 and Caracas’ (Capital city) murder rate is 140 per 100,000.  The US’ rate is 5.4 per 100,000 with 10 times the population.

Tell me again that Gun Control works…