gun sales

Status: Out of Stock, No Backorder.

If you done any kind of browsing over the most popular gun & ammo sales websites, I am sure you are finding that firearms and ammunition stocks are disappearing as fast as the Visa Headquarters can process credit cards charges. Larry Correia cannot take a breather and his shop is just about sold out with people mobbing around the store like a bad zombie movie and phones ringing off the hook with customers begging for anything that goes bang and might be banned under the rule of The Great and Powerful Ozbama.

Since I am tapped out budget wise from getting any more firearm, I aimed my limited resources to get all the stuff required to cast my own bullets. I’ve been collecting brass like there is no tomorrow but I’ve been buying my bullets online from Midway and that has been a decent solution. But the price went up 30% in the last month alone, the demand increasing even more and the dreaded Status: Out of Stock is popping up more frequently.

And now I shall start the obligatory safari through Dade and Broward counties visiting any place that might have lead available for cheap, misplaced or just ignored. I will also continue with the brass collection (catching the darn things as they come out of the ejection port of fellow shooters if necessary) and increase my stocks of powder & primers.

Get your stuff while you can. Stay away from my brass.