guns in bars

I don’t want your guns, just your cash.

Proving once again that hypocrites care about their pockets, opponents of Tennessee’s  Guns-In-Bars law had no problem whatsoever welcoming the NRA convention slated for 2015 in Nashville.

Has the NRA convention changed Spyridon’s and Rayburn’s minds? Both men say no. But they welcome NRA wallets.

I would call them shameless whores, but I’d be sued by Ladies of The Night everywhere.

And how about this for a clincher?

As for whether they are concerned that NRA members will go honky-tonkin’ while packing, Spyridon tossed them a back-handed compliment:”I think the city will be pretty safe that week,” he said.

I guess somebody told them about the NRA convention in Charlotte, NC where crime went down 45% during the NRA convention and they had 80,000 visitors spending their cash with lots of peace and love.


Guns in Bars? The World is coming to an end! (Again)

Arizona is debuting today a law that will allow patrons to carry a gun in a bar with the caveat that they are not allowed to drink. Of course the whiners are screaming to the top of their lung about the sure mass killings that will happen because of this ‘stupid’ law.  The fact that 41 states have some sort of law allowing legally armed patrons to attend places that serve alcohol and we haven’t seen any incidents does not seem to compute with the nay-sayers. Not too long ago Tennessee approved a similar law and we haven’t heard of any mass killings. Florida allows people to carry concealed in restaurants that serve alcohol without any restriction about drinking and in all these years, no shootouts have occurred. Even so, many owners in Arizona, following the steps of other states’ bars and eateries were quick to post a No Guns Allowed signs (A.K.A. Gun Free Zone sign, A.K.A. Victim Ready Local)

The funny thing is that after the initial hysterical period after the law is enacted, Arizona Bar owners will probably follow their counterparts in the other states by removing the Gun Free Zone signs. Why? Because they realize they were uninformed about the level of responsibility with which the average concealed weapon carrier behaves and most important, they will see a lack of money in their cash registers. We Law Abiding Citizens who carry are very ornery about places that order us to disarm and become victims: we just do not patronize them.  The smart owners will keep their places open to all and some like Joe’s BBQ in Wikieup, Az will actually give customers carrying a gun a 10% discount (hat tip to Oleg Volk.) Now that is smart marketing and keeping you place of business safe from critters looking for an easy score….like a Gun Free Zone.