Homeland Security

Big Sis Says: Report supicious activity at Walmart.

If there ever was proof that the Washington clique is 100% disconnected from anything and anybody not within the Beltway, we once again have proof with the deal between WalMart and Homeland Security where they play a Janet “The Godmother” Napolitano video urging us to report suspicious activity. I mean, it is WalMart for pete’s sake, the only suspicious activity in WallyWorld is to act like a Washington insider. And people ask me why I don’t trust D.C. to keep me safe.

The following video pretty much sums it up.

Reloaders Beware: Auntie Janet will check your fingernails.

TSA to swab airline passengers’ hands in search for explosives…. Oh hell, just when i though I did not need another reason not to fly. Now I have to make sure I don’t do any reloading if I have to fly to a match or anywhere.  I like the “random” check part as not to offend terrorists’ sensibilities while they adjust their ANFO jockstrap. ACLU is static that we will not unfairly target the terrorists who are trying to kill us. Of course that means TSA will swab and dismantle the leg braces of a handicapped 4 year old instead.

Now that we can check our firearms again in trains, AMTRAK seems like a nicer option. Screw it, I’ll drive.

Captain Obvious one more time.

Not long after warning us not to be Anti-Muslims just because some poor innocent, unbalanced and abused soul shot to death 12 people while screaming “Allah Akhbar!” to the top of his lungs in Ft Hood, dear ole Janet Napolitano from Homeland Stupidity has recognized (somewhat publicly yet veiled) that the danger of Home Based Terrorism is huge in our country and it is not coming from the Redneck/Republicans/NRA members/ Glenn Beck-Rush Limbaugh listeners but from <gasp> domestic Muslim extremists!

How disappointing must be to re-task all those agents from reading gun-related Internet Forums, watching Glenn beck and Listening to Mark Levin and actually have to engage in serious investigations to those who already proven their willingness to kill Americans. Then again, I am sure an enterprising souls is right now coming up with a memo outlining how dangerous this blog can be compared to a wacked out wahabi building an IED in the basement of his house downtown USA.

Officially A Domestic Terrorist.

First a warning: This blog is Alternative Media and thus considered by the Department of Homeland Security as part of Domestic Terrorism. If you value your life and do not want to be harassed by the Feds, please leave immediately.

The latest idiocy/insanity/prejudice coming out of DHS is the Domestic Extremism Lexicon. I read through it and according to Ms. Napolitano’s Boys and Girls if you happen to have a blog, are into guns and “oppose most federal and state laws, regulations, and authority (particularly firearms laws and regulations)“, are opposed to illegal immigration,  your “beliefs to those commonly associated with the American Revolution” and God Forbid you happen to believe in  “the original 10 amendments (Bill of Rights) to the U.S. Constitution” you are a 100% unrepentant Domestic Terrorist. And if you believe that Taxes are too high and contrary to what Our Country stands for, you will probably will be shot on sight.

I hate dwelling on politics. The original intention of this blog was on the right of self defense and the elimination of Gun Free Zones where criminals and lunatics are given government-sponsored killing spreads to do their malevolent chores. But what’s coming out of Washington is downright scary and even more malevolent plus I seen it before and we are in for and it will not be pretty.

Demonizing of your enemies is and old trick. Make them look less than human, threatening to your peace and well being, associate them with known bad guys and soon enough you will have the popular support to restrict them. Bunching up Tea Party protesters with the Suicide Bombers, Sleeper Cells and Eco Terrorists is a stroke of genius if the message is taken without proper perspective or counterpoint. Mainstream Media, legs still tingling will eat and regurgitate such idiotic report without even considering its veracity or even if it has an inkling of common sense. You as a law abiding gun owner who has never committed a crime, never plotted against the government, never bombed a federal building or sent money to overseas to Hamas will suddenly be thrown in with the likes of Abu Nidal, Timothy McVeigh, Mohammed Atta and Jeff Luers.  However if you are lucky, you might be associated with William Ayres and be not only spared of further inquiry but probably get a high level job in this administration.

It seems to me that Ms. Napolitano et all are not quite aware of the hornet’s nest they stirred with their stupid memos. The Internet (A.K.A. Alternative Media) has thrown off the delicate balance of a controlled Media and it is more difficult nowadays to sell bullshit unadulterated and unchallenged. Add to that that if weapons and ammunitions sales to people on all sides of the political spectrum are any indication, the level of trust that the average citizen has about this administration’s respect for the Constitution, they have (or eventually will) to realize that they are up to an enormous task tgrying to sell the idea that we are a threat to National Security. But you must see thier point of view to understand ther pitiful thought process. It is quite simple yet scary, herte it goes.

They are the Government and thus they are the Nation.

That’s it, simple & succinct. In the best tradition of the Banana Republics, the People of the United States did not elect a representative government but an all powerful, shut-the-hell-up, do-what-I-tell-you democratic dictatorship. The individual is expendable against the great scheme of the The Nation/Government. The individual is expendable, bendable and to be shaped into whatever is needed to create the Walden Two of their dreams. Opposing views will not be tolerated no matter how peaceful and respectful they are or how law abiding the counterparts can be because with a scribble of the pen they can become malum prohibitum and their rights as Citizens terminated.

The problem for this Administration resides that we are not a Banana Republic and we are Citizens aware of our rights and willing to vote them out of office. The question for them is to figure out what kind of ballot will be used and I think they may not like any of the answers.

What a Month So Far!

It’s been hard trying to stick to a topic. Actually it has been impossible with the flow of news and actions going on everywhere so I selected some that I consider important.

1) Bull Crap Load of the Month (Weapons Handling Special Award)

(Binghamton Police Chief Joseph) Zikuski said Wong could have fired nearly 100 shots from the two semi-automatic handguns in a little over a minute. The first calls to 911 came through at 10:30 a.m.; police arriving on the scene did not hear a single shot after arriving at 10:33 a.m.

“I’m not an avid gunman, but I could take you downstairs (to the Binghamton Police’s gun range) and fire six magazines in a minute, easy,” the chief said.

And I bet you do a very cool SWAT roll while shooting. I am guessing the Chief wants to be the star in the next hit video game: Grand Theft Auto: Binghamton.

2) The “Because It Worked Before But Blew In Our Faces This Time” award.

Was it trying to resurrect the so-called Militia threat from the Clinton Era or the new morons in charge of Homeland Security actually believe the contents of this report? Who knows? But bunching together Military Vets, Conservatives, Second Amendment Supporters with the likes of Timothy McVeigh just before the Tea Party Rallies proved to be a colossal blunder. If anything it strengthen the resolve in may to attend and be loud. I am still looking for a pick of a supposed banner in a Tea Party that read:

“I went to bed a Conservative and woke up an Enemy of The State.”

If you know where to find it, please let me know. It would make for a great T Shirt & Bumpersticker.

3) Tea Parties all over USA.

It is fair to say that lots of Washington Insiders and its lapdogs in the media were surprised at the Tea Parties that popped all over the Country. Up to April 14 they were dismissive and making fun of the movement saying that maybe a hundred of those parties would ever surface with perhaps only a few hundred miscreants wasting breath in attendance and qualifying the whole event as “AstroTurf” (fake grassroots). When the event was over and it was known that 800 parties and over a quarter of a million people attended on their own (No ACORN help here) on a work day that was Tax Day to boot, they were less than amused.  Some politicos were literally seething in anger like Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) blasted “tea party” protests yesterday, labeling the activities “despicable” and shameful.” Maybe we witnessed the beginning of the new American Revolution. I shall expect the new Homeland Security Report about how dangerous these parties are for the Country.

4) Tokio Rose, Hannoi Hanna, Susan Roesgen and the Collapse of the Mainstream Media.

In what could be defined as shooting themselves in the foot, the Mainstream Media totally lost it this month. Blame the Mexican Government and whomever was the idiot that came up with the “90% of the guns, grenades, RPGs and crew served weapons used by the drug cartels come from the Mom & Pop gun show in Butte Montana and similar places. Then the almost nonexistent coverage of the Tea Parties preparations unless it was to refer to them in derisive terms and actually giving much more fanfare to the new canine inhabitant to the White House complete with photo op and crow control. It was obvious that MSM was unprepared and showed it by the scrambling of resources and lack of coordination. FoxNews was expecting it and they took home the ratings prize big time. Broadcasting MSM’s were not happy about it and could only revert to sexual innuendos and poor taste jokes in some cases and to open and blatant political activism against Tea Party Goers.  The video of CNN’s Chicagos Liberal On The Street (A.K.A Reporter) Susan Roesgen trying to bully down a Tear Party Goer, failing miserably before launching on a tirade against the event and throwing a hissy fit is now Internet lore and a demonstration of what everybody knows about MSM’s political orientation. I am sure that in following tradition, Ms. Roesgen will now become the anchor thing for CNN’s Chicago Bureau and possibly be awarded some “important” journalistic prize for her work. Maybe a Pulitzer?

Like I said, What a month! And we are barely halfway there.

PS: And you noticed that with so many right wing fanatics bent on the destruction of this country and not caring for anything other than their God and their guns, not one single shootout happen? Psycho bastards prey on Gun Free Zones, not on gatherings of possibly armed people. They are crazy and cowardly, not stupid.