Janet Napolitano

Big Sis Says: Report supicious activity at Walmart.

If there ever was proof that the Washington clique is 100% disconnected from anything and anybody not within the Beltway, we once again have proof with the deal between WalMart and Homeland Security where they play a Janet “The Godmother” Napolitano video urging us to report suspicious activity. I mean, it is WalMart for pete’s sake, the only suspicious activity in WallyWorld is to act like a Washington insider. And people ask me why I don’t trust D.C. to keep me safe.

The following video pretty much sums it up.

Reloaders Beware: Auntie Janet will check your fingernails.

TSA to swab airline passengers’ hands in search for explosives…. Oh hell, just when i though I did not need another reason not to fly. Now I have to make sure I don’t do any reloading if I have to fly to a match or anywhere.  I like the “random” check part as not to offend terrorists’ sensibilities while they adjust their ANFO jockstrap. ACLU is static that we will not unfairly target the terrorists who are trying to kill us. Of course that means TSA will swab and dismantle the leg braces of a handicapped 4 year old instead.

Now that we can check our firearms again in trains, AMTRAK seems like a nicer option. Screw it, I’ll drive.

The system worked….yes it did!

A few days have passed after the bombing attempt by Umar Abdulmutallab  (A.K.A. the Depends Bomber) and in retrospect, the assertion by Janet Napolitano is true: The System Worked.

Why do I say that? Well this administration from the get go changed the aiming point on the fight against terrorism. First, there is no terrorism if it comes from AlQaeda, Taliban or any of those misunderstood Muslim Extremists (that would be Racial Profiling you jerk!) but “Man-Made Disasters” and DHS turned its attention to the true terrorists: those of us that are bitter and cling to our guns and religion.

Since in almost  year there have been no acts of terrorism from those fanatical inbred rednecks, the system has worked like a charm. Kudos Janet!

Portrait by http://anotherblackconservative.blogspot.com/

Captain Obvious one more time.

Not long after warning us not to be Anti-Muslims just because some poor innocent, unbalanced and abused soul shot to death 12 people while screaming “Allah Akhbar!” to the top of his lungs in Ft Hood, dear ole Janet Napolitano from Homeland Stupidity has recognized (somewhat publicly yet veiled) that the danger of Home Based Terrorism is huge in our country and it is not coming from the Redneck/Republicans/NRA members/ Glenn Beck-Rush Limbaugh listeners but from <gasp> domestic Muslim extremists!

How disappointing must be to re-task all those agents from reading gun-related Internet Forums, watching Glenn beck and Listening to Mark Levin and actually have to engage in serious investigations to those who already proven their willingness to kill Americans. Then again, I am sure an enterprising souls is right now coming up with a memo outlining how dangerous this blog can be compared to a wacked out wahabi building an IED in the basement of his house downtown USA.

Janet Napolitano says: Rednecks/Christians and other Domestic Terrorist Groups, no anti muslim backlash.

Homeland Security Commissar, Janet Napolitano issued a stern warning against possible Anti Muslim backlash after the shooting in Ft. Hood by an obviously mentally unstable and beneficiary of the future Health Care Reform, Nidal Malik Hasan. Ms. Napoliotano gave this warning from Abu Dahbi where she is probably taking classes on how to kowtow and bend over to  Muslim Extremists. The part that really churns me up from her warning is this:

Janet Napolitano says her agency is working with groups across the United States to try to deflect any backlash against American Muslims following Thursday’s rampage by Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan

Wait a goddamn minute here! Instead of pouring the resources of Homeland Security into investigating if there are (and there are) more extreme Islamic nutjobs ready to let loose at the local mall or public school, you are threatening the law abiding citizens of the United States and defending Hasan and Company? What kind of twisted, sick perverted politically correct skull full of manure are you carrying on those shoulders? I am the threat? Anybody who rightfully makes his or her displeasure to the complicit Muslim community is a threat? What is next? That the dead soldiers had it coming for going to Iraq?

Saddle up boys, the Idiot Posse is coming and they are ridding a Prius!