Jim Cirillo’s Tales of the Stakeout Squad

Jim Cirillo still teaching.

I finished Jim Cirillo’s Tales of the Stakeout Squad last night. I was expecting a book full of tales of heroism and deeds of super humans. What I got was a deep class on the reality of a gun fight. Don’t misunderstand me, you do get great stories and a glimpse in the head and spirit of a great man (He is another character I will miss never meeting like the late Col. Cooper) but I was not expecting the eye opening information Jim Cirillo’s stories would provide. His work with the Stake Out Squad is just amazing: The selection of the personnel, the weapons they chose, the selection of the locales, shot placement, ammunition and the care for innocent bystanders is just amazing.  Of course kudos have to go to Paul Kirchner who interviewed and collected hours of Cirillo’s bon mots and accounts.

So get the book, read it, read it again and then read it once more. The experiences of a gunfighter  and certified good guy can only serve us well and we will honor him by learning from him. There is a quote in the book from Cirillo that says: ” In teaching a student how to shoot, that’s where I shine.” He still does through this book and I could not think of a better memorial to his life.