Conversation stopper.

Reading in the latest tactical mag rag about a new knife reminded me of a gathering of shooters in a restaurant after a match. There were some 10-12 of us and a female in the group asked: “Does anybody have a knife?” some 11 arms raised and 11 clicks were heard as folding knives from Kershaw to Cold Steel were presented to the solicitor.

The restaurant got vewy vewy quiet. Next words heard were from the lady: “You a-holes.” After that, we started to comment on what we carry besides our guns and people started to unload on top of the table: knives, multitools, lights, digital cameras, cellphones, cellphones with cameras, pens, pads, PDAs, spare ammo, etc. Nobody carry less than 2 knives besides the one in the multitool. Most carried one light and some two. And I think all of us had some sort of back ailment. No kidding! In the meantime the restaurant remained vewy vewy quiet.

No wonder my wife says we shooters are a weird bunch.