Markham Park Range

Why are Anti-gunners so bigoted?

Not to give Carl Hiaasen any ideas, but this has the makings of a good novel: Frustrated by government that allows rampant overdevelopment, eco-conscious gun-range enthusiasts protest by taking aim at tourists as they sit on their balconies watching Everglades sunsets.

Sun Sentinel columnist Michael Mayo (Don’t get me started) commenting on the development of a hotel (allegedly a Marriot) and office complex half a mile north of the Markham Park Range. For enlightened people, “journalists” sure are easy to repeat bigoted and profiling characterizations.

But we knew this already.

Good Bye Markham Park Range? Money may talk louder than guns.

Markham Park Range is one of the two public ranges in South Florida and the only one in Broward County. Located within the Markham Park Complex, it has Skeet and Trap, a Pistol/Rifle Range, and a Sporting Clays course.Also hosts IPSC, IDPA, Steel and Cowboy Action matches and I am guessing I am missing somebody somewhere. Some say that the fees collected at the range basically help sustain the rest of the park.

The City of Sunrise, strapped for cash like any other city, was in the process of approving permits for a new Hotel & Corporate park when they found out that barely half a mile south of the proposed location, there was a gun range <gasp>. Now the vote has been postponed and I wonder if the machinations have begun in order to close the range as they drool over the possibilities of tax income, kickbacks and paid political favors for the construction project.  And to cap a beautiful idea for Gun Owners, another article seems to suggest that the hotel to be built might be a Marriot. After the legal faux pas during the NRA convention, Wouldn’t that just top it all?