Maryland State Police

‘If you have any problems, you let us know. ”

It is Christmas Eve and you are enjoying time with your family. A criminal breaks in and by the luck of the gods, a shotgun and a valiant son, Raymond E. Woollard manages to control the Bad Guy. Police is called and arrives an hour later. After this incident Mr. Woollard applied for and obtained a Maryland Concealed Weapons Permit and as any other citizen with such permit, he has lived a law abiding life. However Mr. Woollard went to renew his permit last year and:

Maryland State Police denied his request last year to renew the permit, saying they thought the danger to his life had passed.

The agency said it was “because I hadn’t been attacked” again, Woollard said in an interview. “They said, ‘If you have any problems, you let us know.’ ”

Yes, you know all experts say you should leave it to the professionals… the ones that are ONE HOUR AWAY say “Let’s wait and see if somebody tries to make liquefied Spam out of your innards and then, maybe, we will re-issue you your permit. Who runs MSP? Ms. Cleo from The Psychic Friends Network? “Ja Mon, you is safe and will not be attacked by bad guys no mo”?

Mr. Woollard filed a federal lawsuit and let’s hope Maryland joins the States that do not feel that its citizens are too stupid to enjoy their God Given Rights.