Ambushed Florida Father in Shootout with Robbers: Mindset Win.

He said he was determined not to allow himself to be killed, for the sake of his children. He didn’t want to leave them without a father.

He was prepared and even though he was attacked and wounded, he had the mindset to respond and survive. Outstanding for John Lee, may he recover soon and enjoy life at its fullest.

Mindset: Beats brawn any day.

You are young, ballsy and without morals. You see an elderly woman and think to yourself: “Hmmm! Easy pickings!” You do your thing and you go home sore and humbled. According to Miami’s Channel 7 News, it seems that’s what happened to a young punk in Hialeah who had a wee bit interaction with an tough old broad

The beating happened near West 35th Street and 12th Avenue. Police explained that the man knocked on the victim’s door while her husband was home and asked for directions. He left after she told him where to go.

He returned later and asked her to write down the directions and entered the home. By this time, the husband had left the house.

The subject then knocked the 77-year-old woman to the ground. Antonio Garcia, the victim’s husband, spoke through a translator, as he explained what happened next: “He pointed the gun at my wife and threatened to shoot her. She was able to knock the gun right out of his hand. Then, she swung her arm up, hitting him right in between his legs, and he ran off.”

Mindset is the ultimate weapon.

Why Do Liberals Bleed? A case for Mindset.

Why do Liberals Bleed? is article posted in one of the forums I belong.  An Internet search reveals that the author, Robin of Berkeley (probably a Nom de Guerre) has published this and other articles in American Thinker.  I have no idea who she is but I’ll give American Thinker the benefit of the doubt.

It makes for a interesting reading.

But it was a major street, at high noon, and I didn’t want to seem racist, so I turned the corner a few feet to reach my car, and a minute later, had my purse stolen as well as all my feelings of being safe in the world

“Berkeley is a city of victims.  You try to understand the street people and the criminals and sit down and talk to them and then they hit you on the head and steal your purse.  The police come and then you refuse to press charges.  The criminals know this and prey on you.”

As a good, loyal liberal, I always expected others to take care of me.  If I gave my unqualified loyalty to the system, I could sleep well at night.  But now, with victims left bleeding, a dangerously naive government, and sheep like masses, I see the absurdity of my thinking.

Besides the obvious political viewpoint on self defense and guns, what I thought was more amazing was the absolute lack of proper mindset that the victim showed. Let’s ignore the political cause of such failed strategy since it is not important in a general level; even though the signs of danger were present and acknowledged and the gut was screaming the alarm klaxon, the victim made a conscious effort to ignore them resulting in an attack and its consequences. Ignoring warning signs is stupid and stupid hurts. Sometimes we choose to ignore them because we are tired or we feel cocky as in “He wouldn’t dare” or the old “It won’t happen to me”  for those who live their lives in a constant state of foolish optimism.

The old adage of Trust Your Gut is valid. Act upon it and stay safe.