Nadhira Al-Khalili

Trijicon: AlQeada’s Lobby Group is officialy upset.

So now it is official. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) issued a temper tantrum regarding Trijicon’s 30 year tradition of adding biblical references to their products. According to Legal Counsel Nadhira Al-Khalili “The use of military equipment with hidden Bible references sends the false message to Muslims worldwide that we are at war with Islam.” So every time some Suicide Bomber yells Allah Akhbar before blowing himself and a crapload of innocent MUSLIMS is not sending a false message to Christians that Muslims are at war against them? Call me silly, but several pounds of Semtex blowing up in a crowded market is a bit more radical than six or 7 characters molded in a gun sight.

I think CAIR should spend its time trying to prove that they are not un-indicted co-conspirators associated with know terrorist organizations rather than ticking us off. Then again when you have jello testicled enablers Pentagon officers like Spokesman Commander Darryn James rushing to acquiesce and bend over for CAIR by saying that: “If determined to be true, this is clearly inappropriate and we are looking into possible remedies,” the Un-indicted Co-Conspirators at CAIRN will continue to shape things that are not in the interest of our country .It is sad as hell because if you do a Google search for Commander Darryn James and you’ll see that the Commander’s favorite response to any question tends to be: “it would be inappropriate to comment,” yet he jumps like a burnt cat when CAIR speaks its piece. May I need to remind the Pentagon that this stupid oversensitivity not to be perceived as racist probably cause about a dozen deaths at Ft. Hood? Or you guys already forgot that? Oh wait! It wasn’t any reference in the official report….never mind.

So here’s my final message to both CAIR, Commander Darryn James and the Pentagon regarding Trijicon: