new job

New Job, New Gun Free Zone.

So I am on this new place after I and about a hundred plus other got sacked. The new place is very close to my house so I’ll be saving oodles in gas plus wear and tear on the vehicle (10 miles daily versus 50 at the old place) and I can use the saved traveling time for personal use. I am working 11 pm to 7 am in a HUGE empty place with less than stellar fellow Security Officers that fit the Hollywood profile of the Security Guard from a cheap movie. To be fair, almost everybody in all shifts look the part and it is kinda scary.

Bad news, this place has a great cash flow which is about to increase soon, it is located at the border of one of the worst Miami neighborhoods and it is a Gun Free Zone. So what else is new? During the interview I made a point in letting them know I was a firearms instructor and a competitive shooter so it wouldn’t be a surprise later. The interviewer was quick to point out that no guns were allowed on property for everybody’s safety to which I made the appropriate agreement noises and assured him I would follow the rules which I do. It was funny to see his face get tight at the announcement and then trying to be cool about it. You can always tell a Non-Gun person trying to appease you and sound professional when they are about to crap their pants at the thought of possibly having an armed redneck in front of them. The fact that I am a spic, I look like one and sound like one seems to disappear and I suddenly become whiter than Clorox and develop a heavy Southern twang after I mention guns.

Oh well. I am following Florida’s law to a tee. That is a consolation.