NRA. No Compromise

“No compromise!” Oh rubbish!

Am I the only one who is damn tired of those people & groups that keep spouting ” The NRA Sucks! No Compromise!”? My favorite 3Per/This Is Sparta!/No Compromise asshole dropped this one beautiful tidbit in a forum not long ago.

i canceled my membership with the nra for the same reason. principle. to me, loyalty to a cause is a huge factor. the nra chose for their attorney in the chicago case before the supreme court the same attorney that represented dc in the heller case. now, i know that is not a big thing for a lot of people, but it is for me. where the hell is this attorney’s loyalty? make no mistake, i’m sure he’s the finest. but i just have a problem having the enemy suddenly become my advocate. i just can’t do it, sorry.

I think that my jaw dropped about 20 inches after I read this. So much stupidity compacted into 99 words is beyond belief.  I had to express my opinion to his imbecilic remark:

This ought to be one of the silliest excuses I heard so far to be anti NRA. Am I to guess that if McDonald v Chicago goes out way under the position presented by former Solicitor General Paul D. Clement, you will reject it because it is tainted by his previous case representation?

I am for bringing people into the fold.

Two weeks later I am still waiting for his response. I guess he ran out of No Compromise.

PS: While we wait, if a No Compromise follower can inform me what No Compromise group is out there with the track record of success and power that the NRA has, please indicate so in the comments.