Pew Research Center

Fear & Loathing if you do not conform.

You have to love the Miami Herald’s Jim Morin.  Last November, the New Camelot Ideal was elected, took power in January to the orgasmic happiness of the Left and nine months later things are not as pinkish as they hoped. Taking a cue from the old political scheme books, the fault must be placed not where it belongs but in the perceived enemies: Those who dare to voice their opposition. Accuse them. Try to display them as off the Ultra Right/Racist/Terrorists so the negative attention shifts on them and let the blame game begin. Or if that does not work, ignore them and eventually they will go away. Do not report their achievements (unless they can be displayed in a very negative light) or simply make fun of them shinning a spot light of ridicule on them. Once you have public support against the opposition, create the legislation to hinder them or just criminalize them. If you are successful, you have a free and unencumbered way to your political success.

Only one problem: Nobody trusts the Media anymore. 70% of Americans now believe that the MSM is inaccurate, partisan and irreversible one-sided according to a study by Pew Research Center. How sad is that? Imagine that you are a journalist stepping out of your house to go to work and out of ten of your neighbors, seven firmly believe you are a lying scum. How can you live with that? Then again maybe I am giving journalist the benefit of the doubt and thinking that they are regular folks incapable of being so low, but I know many that think otherwise. Besides, how many times can you be so wrong, so one sided, not correct your stance and still face you fellow human beings without shame printed all over your face?

Maybe they don’t care or have shame after all. They are doing it because they know what’s best for us and they only have their best intentions at heart. Maybe it is time they should be so conceited, have a heart attack and leave me to my own decisions and way of life.