reloading on the ground

Reloading on the Ground.

Your hard cover is way low so you must do some dirt hugging in order to avoid catching some rounds from the bad guys and return some of your own. But, curses! You are out of ammo and must reload!

My dear buddy Dale does a great job even though he is missing half his left thumb and has just had a minor procedure to his left elbow. Click on the pic for full size.

PS: Dale reminds me we in the Gun Culture, while appreciative and considerate of people’s misfortunes, tend to joke and give a hard time to anybody we can get away with specially if you partially lost a digit with a table saw because you were thinking about American Idol or some other irreverent crap.  Some of the jokes and nasties directed at Dale after his accident are: “You are the only person I know who actually stuck his thumb up his ass, but you were not supposed to leave it in there.” “There goes your career a boxing referee.” “Borg Designation: 9 1/2 of 10.” “How are you gonna hunt for boogers now?” Dale has aimed some jokes at himself “I get 10% off in manicures now.” “You know that magic trick where you make it look like you are pulling your thumb off? I overdid it.”

So we are a tad sick…. so what? đŸ˜‰