Self Defense

Arizona Gun Bashing from France.

From the land of the Cheeseeating surrender monkeys, we have the mellifluous interjections of an Arizonan expatriate who poetically waxes about how superior France is compared to us because they don’t have the “gun problem” we have.

Laurel Zuckerman goes on to tell us how superior the French are plus repeats the old tired and manipulated gun control data. But she screwed herself up with her parting words:

But there is no equivalent to the all-powerful NRA here. And discomfort with the use of guns, even in cases of self-defense, is common among the French.

We kinda noticed that Laurel, actually twice in the 20th Century the French had so much discomfort at defending themselves from the Germans that the Ugly Armed Americans (including some from your much hated State) had to go die over there so the French could recover the right to drink overpriced wine and badmouth the USA.

Sierra, Tango, Foxtrot, Uniform.

Gravity also helps: 2 dead in a Home Robbery.

It might be good for Bad Guys to take notes: When breaking into a home, make sure that the home owner is not armed and prepared to use the gun and also to choose a ground level apartment for the deed. Two critters are now enjoying their turkey dinner at a location hotter than Miami after breaking into a Palmetto Village condo. Apparently the owner shot and killed one while the other was shot in the arm and decided to take a dive out a third foor window.  It seems that the sudden decrease of acceleration combined with a pavement overdose was not a good thing and the critter died.

Gravity is not a suggestion: It is the Law!

UPDATE: A bit more from the Miami Herald.

Dumb quote: “Nothing like this ever happened here before,” said Sergio Tejada, who was visiting his aunt in a nearby unit for Thanksgiving. “It’s a pretty safe neighborhood — or it was.”

It wasn’t safe and the actions of the bad guys demonstrated that. It is a bit safer now that 2 robbers will not fall into recidivism and the word will spread that that area might be dangerous to the health of criminals.

Happy puppies and wounded criminals make me smile.

Walker said his son Aaron was home at the time, and he was armed with a weapon. Walker said the trio knocked on the door twice and then jumped the fence in the backyard and broke in through the bedroom window. Walker said his son then sounded the alarm system and started shooting. “He took a couple shots at him, but he didn’t shoot at them to kill them, he just shot at them to try to scare them off,” Walker revealed.

It warms my heart when three miscreants find themselves over matched and bleeding by a single solitary fella with a gun. You would think by now that criminals would have noticed it is a bad idea to break into houses in states with Castle Doctrine Laws and people with the wherewithal to defend themselves.

“That’s my grandma. That’s what family does”

Two pieces of tropical scum were cruising around a South Florida neighborhood when they saw an easy target: an 80 year old grandmother engaged in some hobby gardening. Scum One and Scum Two jumped the four foot fence, put a gun to the grandmother’s head and snatched a chain of her neck.

Before they could do more damage, the lady’s 24 year old grandson came out of the house and engaged the robbers with his own sidearm. The Scums left the house in a hurry, escaping in bicycles…seriously, what’s with the Lance Armstrong Escape?

Cops got one of the Pedaling Attackers and are looking for the second.

Cheerleader tackles ex-beau problem with a gun.

How many times have we seen slasher movies where the cheerleader is the first one to get it? For one ex-boyfriend the old time movie narrative did not happen as planned.

The armed intruder exchanged gunfire with his ex-girlfriend, Mackenzie Rae Putnal, after putting a gun to her head Monday night, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office….. When he ordered the couple to sit on the floor, she escaped downstairs in her parents’ home and grabbed a gun, police said. They shot at each other and both missed.

Good for Ms.Putnal and women in general. Although the Ex had a restraining order (which was ignored as usual) she had the wherewithal of not allowing herself become a victim, got a gun,  fought back and survived the attack.

I will not make any comments on her selection of male companionship. She might need some help on choosing better specimens. Two losers on a row may indicate a problem there. But she can surely kick some butt 😉

Those who rage against Self Defense.

South Florida Hand Wringers are not happy. The expansion of the Castle Doctrine that allows citizens of this state to defend themselves outside their home appears to be an affront to their sensitivities and, in the case of lawyers I am sure it is hurting them in the pocket. Earlier this week, Patrick Lavoie got enraged when he felt that one Cleveland Murdock was tailgating him and his lady friend. At a stop, Mr. Lavoie got out of his vehicle and charged Mr. Murdock reaching inside his vehicle. Mr. Murdock used his legally carried firearm and defended himself causing the early demise of Mr. Lavoie. Broward Sheriff’s Office arrived at the scene to investigate, detained Mr. Murdock for several hours, interrogated him, interviewed plenty witnesses that gave the same account and eventually said it was a case of self defense when the investigation and witnesses’ accounts matched Mr. Murdock’s statement. They passed the info to the district attorney’s office who in turn might take it to a grand jury which tells me they are pretty sure they do not have a case if they are not willing to do the dirty deed themselves.

Of course, the Sun Sentinel (Broward County’s bird poop catcher) is not happy one bit.

Prosecutors everywhere have rallied against the “Stand Your Ground” law, saying it might be misinterpreted by citizens who think they have the right to use deadly force, and that it could be manipulated by those with itchy trigger fingers.

That such thing has not happened yet in the years since the expansion of the Castle Doctrine does not seem to face them. But it gets better:

William Cervone, president of Florida’s Prosecuting Attorneys Association, said the law often leaves people settling cases on the streets instead of in a courtroom. Also, he said, it provides a shooter the opportunity to make up a story without the victim’s side of what happened.

This is a gorgeous double whammy. Not only Mr. Cervone is saying that Homicide investigators are too stupid to figure out if the statement of a suspect does not match the events, but somehow the law does not allow him to contact the dead victim and have him tell his version of the events. I did not know that the phone company have such service available. Maybe Mr. Cervone uses some sort of medium to speak with those in the after life. Then again, if we use translators in court cases for those who do not speak English, I imagine Mr. Cervone may find acceptable to use a gypsy tarot reader to speak for the victim. There is money to be made with this concept, gimme me a bandanna and a big golden ring and I am there.