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“Will It Hurt Me in Court?”

Will It Hurt Me in Court? Weapons Issues and the Fears of the Legally Armed Citizen by Glenn Meyer is a no-nonsense, must read article for anybody who takes self-defense seriously.

We found the overall effect of gun type was significant. AR-15 shooters were given longer sentences. The most telling finding was that female mock jurors gave female AR-15 shooters the harshest sentences – a mean of approximately eight years as compared to a male average of five and a half years. In comparison, the lowest average recommended sentence was for a male shooting a Ruger Mini – about two and a half years.

This is an amazing article and out of the top of my head I can say we need two things: 1) Increase the fight against the Media’s portrayal of the “assault Weapons” and 2) We need to get women more into rifle shooting.

Hat Tip to Gail Pepin for the link.

Ego unchecked = Trouble (Cont.)

I wrote about Detroit homeowner Tigh Croff who found a burglar in his house, chased him down the neighborhood, killed him and was charged with second-degree murder.

It seems that the Jury dealocked and the judge declared a mistrial. Prosecution will have anther round at Mr, Croff and there are accusations that the judge acted improperly. Anyway, I am sure Mr. Croff wishes he would just let the guy run to whatever little hole he crawled out of from.

Ego unchecked, not a good counselor.

Ambushed Florida Father in Shootout with Robbers: Mindset Win.

He said he was determined not to allow himself to be killed, for the sake of his children. He didn’t want to leave them without a father.

He was prepared and even though he was attacked and wounded, he had the mindset to respond and survive. Outstanding for John Lee, may he recover soon and enjoy life at its fullest.

Ego unchecked = Trouble.

The few unlucky people that have been instructed by me, receive several mantras and the first one is: The first casualty of carrying concealed is the Ego.  When you decide to have a gun with you and to travel outside your home, you will learn to endure the verbal “slings and arrows” and that they are not there to right wrongs, defend maidens’ honors soiled by a mouthy sailor or to stop any petty (or major) crime in progress that offends your sense of order in society. In most localities you are not allowed to defend property and I do not recall one state where you are allowed to pursue and use deadly force against anybody once the crime has ceased.

We have this case in Detroit where a home owner, Tigh Croff, arrived home to find it being broken into and now he is facing hard time for chasing down and killing one of the perps. It was the third time that his house had been broken in during the same week and I am guessing he was incensed like anybody else would be. But he had a gun and an unchecked ego:

“He turned around and looked dumb. He had that ‘mercy’ look,” Croff told police after the shooting, per Detroit Police Sgt. Gary Diaz. “I told him he was gonna die, and I shot him.”

Ego, just like alcohol, does not combine well with firearms. Words don’t hurt, gang rape in the local house of detention does.

“We are the Fake FBI. Open up…OH SH**!”

Have I mentioned people in South Florida is a bit wee suspicions? It is somewhat common that criminals try to impersonate LEOs to get to their victims. By now this is old news for everybody but some criminals. Three guys impersonating the FBI found out the hard way:

Once the three men make it to the front door, two of them try to pry open the door with a crowbar while the third acts as a look-out. When they are unable to get thru the front door, they tried a window, but this trio had no idea the homeowner was inside and waiting for them with a pistol.

The homeowner opened fire and the three suspects took off. The two men barely make it back to their newer model, mid-size, silver sport utility vehicle Mercedes Benz before the third takes off

Puppies, kitties and criminals running with brown deposits in their shorts make me smile.

And now back to my self imposed rest.

And a gun could have altered the equaition.

Headline: 7 Shot, 4 Dead As Gunman Blasts Hialeah Restaurant. A Nutjob goes to a restaurant, has an argument in the parking lot with his girlfriend, shoots her, she dies and then the shooter goes inside the restaurant where he proceeds to shoot six more people. It appears that nobody but the shooter was armed.

The equation keeps coming to the same result: When somebody decides to ignore the law and create havoc with a firearm, it does not matter how many wishful thoughts you may have, how positive your attitude can be or how well you follow those tips for unarmed “self defense”: somebody is bound to get killed.

I will grant you that an armed patron may not have saved the girlfriend or prevented somebody from not getting shot, but being absolutely unarmed did guarantee the shooter a pool of targets for his deranged actions and he took advantage of it.

I want to have the chance to contradict a crazy gunman’s actions. I want to have a chance to make it out alive and that is why I carry.

80-Year-Old Chicago Man Kills Armed Home Invader. May face Charges.

In Gun Enema Land A.K.A Daley’s Hell A.K.A. Chicago, an elderly Veteran shoots and kills an armed intruder who broke into his house. And instead of counting his blessings to live yet another day in the company of his wife, this gentleman may be subjected to prosecution because he owned an “illegal” firearm: A handgun.

High profile Chicago lawyer Joel Brodsky already announced that he will take the gentleman in a Pro Bono basis to defend him against any charges that he may face by Cook County Legal Goons.

We hope that SCOTUS will eventually eliminate such stupid and homicidal ban in Chicago and any locale that allows people to be killed like baby seals.