Neither no, nor yes but the opposite.

So I get this article from the Huffington Post where Jamel Jaffer, litigator for the ACLU is discussing the validity of Targeted Killings and the following words just got me to blink hard.

Outside the context of armed conflict, government agents — and the rest of us — can permissibly use lethal force in self-defense or defense of others.

Wait one. Is this the same ACLU that does not support the Second Amendment? If according to the ACLU we do not have the Right To Keep and Bear Arms, How are we supposed to defend ourselves? Exhaling bad breath and cussing out loud?

And then they complain when we do not take them seriously.

Dental Floss? Diskette? You have to be kidding me.

Gearfuse gives us a taste of 101 Weapons for Women. This is one of those books that the author tried to do a serious job, but somebody with a regular functioning brain will be bouncing between laughter at some of the idiocies and horror at the idea of somebody actually trying to implement those techniques for self defense. The Dental Floss alone has the potential of an SNL sketch.

Honorable Deadly Weapon Mention goes to:

We men owe a HUGE apology to women for crap like this. That we ever had a chance to share air with them back then is a darn miracle.
Anyway, I think women in general would have a better chance to defend themselves by using Chocolate Weaponry.

“No compromise!” Oh rubbish!

Am I the only one who is damn tired of those people & groups that keep spouting ” The NRA Sucks! No Compromise!”? My favorite 3Per/This Is Sparta!/No Compromise asshole dropped this one beautiful tidbit in a forum not long ago.

i canceled my membership with the nra for the same reason. principle. to me, loyalty to a cause is a huge factor. the nra chose for their attorney in the chicago case before the supreme court the same attorney that represented dc in the heller case. now, i know that is not a big thing for a lot of people, but it is for me. where the hell is this attorney’s loyalty? make no mistake, i’m sure he’s the finest. but i just have a problem having the enemy suddenly become my advocate. i just can’t do it, sorry.

I think that my jaw dropped about 20 inches after I read this. So much stupidity compacted into 99 words is beyond belief.  I had to express my opinion to his imbecilic remark:

This ought to be one of the silliest excuses I heard so far to be anti NRA. Am I to guess that if McDonald v Chicago goes out way under the position presented by former Solicitor General Paul D. Clement, you will reject it because it is tainted by his previous case representation?

I am for bringing people into the fold.

Two weeks later I am still waiting for his response. I guess he ran out of No Compromise.

PS: While we wait, if a No Compromise follower can inform me what No Compromise group is out there with the track record of success and power that the NRA has, please indicate so in the comments.

911: Oh! You magical Number you!

Amazingly at work they offered CPR/Heimlich and AED (automated external defibrillator) training not only for free but you got paid overtime for it. Upon completion, you will get not only a nice card saying you are now a standing member of those who may be able to save a life, but also a card valid for 2 years displaying such info. A life-saving set of techniques taught under the best of incentives and several individuals rejected the idea. Some even verbally degraded it with various colorful idioms.

Some of the dissidents were old farts, set in their ways and so soured with life they plainly didn’t give a squat. I am guessing that the fact that they had to come to work at odd hours interrupting their mac & cheese and that day’s episode of Oprah was too much to sacrifice. A couple of youngins assumed their gansta stances and replied with the standard “Hey man. That just bullshit. I don’t need that shit.” Other not so young excused themselves by using a myriad of reasons, but I  could read out of their bodies and verbal patterns was that they were too embarrassed to be embarrassed in front of others.

I asked one of the youngins what would he do if his Mom ( a woman with a history of vascular problems) would suddenly need CPR. His answer was “I’ll call Call 911.” When asked what would it happen if 911 or rescue wasn’t immediately available, his response was “Why it wouldn’t be?”

It saddens the hell out of me that people are willing to be mentally castrated this way. In order to save face, they rather depend on the kindness of the Government to help them get out of trouble. Then when their dreams dead stop as they hit the shoals of reality, they moan and complain and demand more government control. It is sort of trying to treat a rattlesnake bite by injecting more poison into your veins. It must hurt to think logically while pride is in the way.