Haiti: It has begun.

CBS is reporting that gangs of machete wielding thugs are no roaming the streets looking for food.

Here is a quote:

Fights between gangs were seen on the streets. Machetes were flailing and it was impossible to predict what would happen next.

There was no sign of police or any kind of law and order.

The United nations also reported that looters broke into the UN’s warehouses to steal the food and other supplies they had for the nation. Now there is probably nothing to give to the defenseless because the morons at the UN were probably at the local child whorehouse . And the Red Cross points out that 4,000 criminals held at Haitian Prisons are out and roaming amongst the regular folk.  The British Newspaper The Telegraph on line even reports the sound of gunfire which they believe is people fending off looters in order to keep their belongings.

Many lessons to be learned here. I hope we do.