This is evil.  Pure, unadulterated evil.

This is a level of indoctrination in our schools that would make the North Koreans say “tone it down a bit.”

Kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school, why are teachers at all allowed to remotely broach the subject of sex, gender, and sexuality with students?

Remember this teacher I posted about earlier?

This story gets so much worse.

She teaches children about kink.

She makes videos of herself getting weirdly sexual in the classroom.

This is a groomer, not a teacher.

Most of these videos are from public schools, but the last set is not.

Apparently, this enby child groomer works at a private Jewish school.

Forget “of course it’s in San Francisco.”  My first thought was “of course it’s associated with the Union for Reform Judaism.”  They aren’t Jews, they are radical Social Justice Leftists who like to claim to be Jews so they don’t get accused of being Antisemites when they attack Israel.

I can’t find it right now, I’ll post it if I do, but I saw a video of a Reform Jewish Rabbi discussing how the Brit Milah (traditional circumcision) is potentially problematic because at 8-days-old a baby cannot choose its gender and might not be a boy and does the bris apply to the gender or the biological sex.  I swear to God, this wasn’t satire.  This is Reform Judaism.

The point is, don’t automatically trust that a school isn’t like this because it’s a private school.

Vet your schools and your children’s teachers.  Ask your kids what they are learning.  And for God’s sake, if this is being done to your kids, throw a shit fit.  Schools are not places for weirdos, activists, and perverts to groom your children.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Take the Killdozer to parent/teacher night”
  1. “Schools are not places for weirdos, activists, and perverts to groom your children.”
    You would think that, and you would be wrong. The reason teachers are doing this and getting away with it is that they are being TOLD to do it by administrators. During my 8 years as a teacher, I worked for three different school districts. One of the ones that I taught for, Lake County schools, had teachers openly displaying “Vote for Hillary” posters. That same school district had another teacher who was fired for saying on his Facebook page (which was not affiliated with the school) that he was opposed to the Supreme Court Decision on gay marriage, after another teacher saw it and turned him in. Again, same district, ordered teachers to talk about homosexuality in class and encourage students to accept and adopt the homosexual lifestyle.

    You can find a copy of one of the handouts we were given at this link:

  2. I am beginning to think a lot of these “teachers” got into teaching because they never really grew up at all. They identify with children because they are really children themselves.

    I used to think the main motivator for teachers to get into the business was to get the summers off, but that was decades ago. Now it looks like they are teaching because they never matured into fully realized adults. That tour of the classroom was like watching an eight year old show off their collection of Harry Potter toys.

  3. What kind of waiver to talk to kids about sexuality without parents consent? That’d be a 9mm full metal jacketed waiver.

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