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Considering how much the Left is really hating on Independence Day and how much the Right loves Independence Day, what do you think the identity/political alignment of someone who shoots up an Independence Day parade might be?


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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “Taking bets on the shooter’s identity”
    1. Those aren’t mutually contradictory thoughts. In fact they kind of go together with “never stick your **** in crazy.”

  1. They are saying white 18-20 years old with longish black hair.
    Fits right in with the laws they want to pass. I’m guessing AR rifle maybe 80% lower.

    1. Dozens of shots fired and dozens of injuries but 6 deaths also says AR. “High powered rifle” says the police, but I think they apply that term to any rifle. An AR (in standard 5.56) certainly is not “high powered” by any sensible definition of the word.

  2. “Daily Reminder: Today’s GOP is no longer a political party, it’s a white nationalist, FASCIST movement that seeks to impose their EXTREME religious beliefs as the law of our land.”
    I want someone, anyone on the left side of the political aisle to back up these statements with any tangible proof.
    EXTREME religious beliefs as the law of the land? I am not seeing it. Yes, a lot of GOPers celebrated the end of Roe v Wade, but the reality is extreme is, at best, an opinion here. And, when it comes to abortion, the majority of people are OK with some kind of restrictions, we are talking about ending a human life afterall. But, no… because you are not in lockstep, you are extreme.
    Oh, and I never realized how much Chastain looks like a dude. Mannish face there honey.

    1. One grown on you tends to make you look like a man. I suppose having probably thousands stuck in her could make her look kinda mannish, too.

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