It’s not complicated, they want to diddle your kids.

Once parents got acclimated to adult men sleeping in cabins with underage girls by claiming to be non-binary then they could move on to adult men showering with underage girls by claiming to be non-binary.

I don’t think they expected parents in Progressive California to object to cabin sharing.

All of this gender nonsense has nothing to do with the tiny percentage of people who have actually have Gender Dysphoria as per the DSM.

It’s about using the Progressive language of inclusion and your fear of being called a bigot to let them bully and silence you while they prey upon your kids.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Taking my woodchipper to Camp”
  1. And that Science Camp is now done as parents won’t send their kids. One more notch towards ending quality education.

  2. I am old enough to remember when there were calls for the Pope to step down because a few priests were messing around with altar boys. If only they realized that claiming transgenderism/gender fluid was a get out of jail free card…

  3. Years ago during the Obama administration, when they were talking about letting trannies use girls’ restrooms, I told some of the powers that be that what they were fighting for was for men like me to claim to be trans and then shower with the girls in the locker room. I was shouted down and called a bigot.

  4. Set aside the whole mentally disturbed thing for a moment. When did counselors start sharing quarters with campers at all?

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