This is bullshit.

This is evil, manipulative bullshit.

There is no evidence for this and lots of evidence to the contrary.

But this has become the rhetoric used to manipulate parents.

What is worse is that children have been taught that this is an effective tactic, i.e., “transition me or I’ll kill myself.”

In a way it’s like this scene from Blazing Saddles, but not funny.


Anyone who tries to manipulate you with the threat of suicide is a bad person.

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By J. Kb

One thought on “Taking oneself a hostage”
  1. The operative word in that claim is “child” not trans. If a child says they are a dinosaur, you play around a bit, and tomorrow, they are a fire engine. You do not get scales and a big tail installed.
    But, when a child says they are transgender, you call for surgery?
    Also, comments like these are coming from the same side of the political aisle that thinks teens who commit murder should not be charged as an adult because the brain is not fully formed until around 25, and that 18 year olds do not have the life experience to understand the long term consequences of a student loan agreement.
    But, for some reason… a five year understands their gender?

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