By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Tally-ho”
  1. Or bigger, like a late medieval hande-gonne, a friggin 1″ to 1 1/2″ round or square ‘ball.’

    Make it hurt real good.

  2. We rural New England residents are a prickly bunch. Wonder if there was a Gadsen flag outside? That’s a clue….

  3. LOL. My wife and I (both veterinarians) always comment and laugh about various TV shows and movies, where they act like it’s absolutely imperative that they ‘get the bullet out’ right away. Hell… it’s already done whatever damage it’s gonna do, and the body will soon encapsulate it with scar tissue, and it’ll just be an inert body embedded wherever… Leave them alone! Gouging around in there, blindly, looking for the projectile just causes more tissue damage and increases the likelihood of infection or excessive hemorrhage.

    1. Then again, if it’s very near some particularly critical spot where having the bullet shift around could cause serious problems, you’d want to remove it, right? Say, it’s sitting up against a major artery, or right up against the spinal cord. “Gouging around blindly” is not what you’d want then, but emergency surgery to take it out would be. If it’s just sitting in the middle of muscle or fatty tissue, that would be a different scenario.

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