J. Kb.’s post about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu made me laugh.

If he really learned anything about humility, he would not be preening about his knowledge of BJJ.

Guns are for Cowards who want power? I guess armies go to war with bare hands and win battles with grappling techniques.

He used guns, he must have been a coward.

“Mastering BJJ takes decades of intense practice” while learning how to defend yourself with a firearm takes hours. Whomever this guy is I am almost sure he has never had to deal with overwhelming danger and actually have a belly-full of the fear that comes from knowing you are about to be injured and I mean hospital-staying injury or even death. He believes he will be ninja enough to take down a mob of assholes attacking him because he is the reincarnation of Helio Gracie or be graced with an asshole or assholes that will not pull a trigger till he makes his moves.

And truthfully, if he meets his demise taking on a challenge he shouldn’t, I don’t mind and probably laugh. What I worry about are the people who will follow his advice, get into the sport and either believe themselves invincible or quit early on and remain defenseless because “guns are for cowards.”



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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

8 thoughts on “Teaching Humility and Teaching to Survive.”
  1. Further demonization of firearms…. Id tell him “keep believing your bullshiite”.. We the People know better

  2. That K-12 database page is a laugh a minute. They categorize any sort of firearm discharge w/in a quarter mile of a school as a ‘school shooting’ then go on to exclaim how it’s increased exponentially.

    They’re not even trying to be taken seriously anymore.

  3. OK, if a child (or anyone) chooses to pursue any form of training, it is a good thing. Teaches discipline, (hopefully) improves health, etc…
    A teen who is pursuing sports of any kind, or even pursuing academic achievements that are not directly physical will be less likely to let their emotions drive them to a killing spree. (Granted, there are plenty of exceptions, but let’s talk generalities.)
    They are not wrong when they say pursuing marital arts is going to promote acceptance and reduce bullying. It will increase self confidence, and a punch in the nose tends to stop bullies.
    That is where their logic ends. The rest about guns making cowards, and bullying disappearing is ludicrous.
    Besides, what if the sport you choose to pursue is not punching, but instead shooting? Skeet/Trap, or target shooting, or IDPA? Oh… wait. This org will bully you into thinking you are a coward.

    1. Agreed. Martial arts (armed or unarmed) definitely teach discipline, and the oriental unarmed arts make that goal quite explicit. My wife once tutored a teenager with dyslexia, who had discipline issues (perhaps as a side effect). I suggested martial arts and she passed that along to his parents. The boy took up taekwondo, along with his sister, and the results were very positive.
      But it’s certainly nuts to claim that guns are a sign of cowardice and inferior to unarmed martial arts.

  4. A long time ago, I had a t-shirt that read “Ninja, Schminja! You can’t karate chop a bullet!” and the image was that of a black clad ninja cowering in front of a revolver pointed at him. I wore it out over several years, and finally threw it away before I moved to Cincy.

    I never understood the appeal of either Bruce Lee nor Chuck Norris, and the few martial arts movies I’ve suffered through bored me to tears. I was shocked to find out that Lee’s Enter the Dragon is on the Library of Congress’s list of important movies; I’m wondering when Debbie Does Dallas will be added to the list as well…

  5. They USED to teach boxing and wrestling in schools and it was not unheard of for a basic primer in judo or whatever national grappling art of choice was in for the local. Boys and Girls PE classes same for each.

    They did away with it since the nannies thought it was barbaric and taught children violence. I remember being put into the equipment room by a coach and principal with another boy I was scraping with and told to get it out of our system. We were done and told “no no yall wanted to be hard headed keep going” which did more to make us feel dumb and realize whatever it was really wasn’t worth slugging it out over. Did more than any talk would have for young dumb boys at that age could have.

    What I remember learning from those boxing and wrestling classes was before I hit my growth spurt and went from Short Round to Racially Ambiguous Lumberjack/Shrek was “Gee I REALLY shouldn’t get into a fair fight with that corn fed guy over there. Is there a rock or stick handy?”

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