I saw this on YouTube.  More accurately, I saw about 47 seconds of this on YouTube.

Once my vision came un-blurred and the pounding in my skull stopped, I wondered if Michael Moore is actually a Vogon considering both how he looks and just how terrible his poetry is.

But assuming that he is human… what the fuck is he talking about?

Rashida Tlaib has been in office for six months and seven days as of the posting of that video, she has no legislation to her name, and is famous for anti-Semitism, hating Israel, and palling around with terrorist supporters.

I’m not sure how that makes her the “motor city avenger” or “fierce force for justice,” or likens her to any of the civil rights activists that Moore compares her to.

Objectively, this is nonsense.  But to the cult of intersectional personality, a Muslim woman of color who hates America is a saint.

This is just more evidence of our need for a national divorce.  How can we ever see eye-to-eye with people who look at a freshman Congresswoman who only goes on camera to explain how her anti-Semitic statement wasn’t really anti-Semitic and how if you think that it was, you are an Islamophobe is tantamount to Rosa Parks.


Don’t tell me that her 15 minutes of fame are almost up.  Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar have that seat on lock unless there is a major demographic swing in their districts or they are redistricted by a census.

Omar represents the largest Somali community in the US, and Tlaib represents half of Wayne Country, Michigan home to one of the most concentrated Palestinian communities in the US (there is a reason it’s called Dearbornistan).

Muslims will not vote for a non-Muslim.  Life long Detroit Democrats will not vote for a non-Democrat.  And White Progressives will vote for the most intersectional candidate.  Since it would be almost impossible for another Democrat to primary Omar or Tlaib, they have those seats for life.

If either runs for the Senate, I can see them losing a statewide election, but in their districts, they are perfectly safe.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “Tell me again that the Left is not a cult of personality – Michael Moore slam poetry edition”
  1. Okay … It’s not a cult of personality.

    Or at least, not in the traditional sense of being focused around a single individual – think Lenin, Manson, etc. While folks like Hillary, Bernie, etc. are ascendant, sure, they’re revered … but they are dropped as soon as they show failure of any sort. Note the distinct lack of Ms Clinton in the 2020 primary race, for instance; simply, she lost so it’s time to MoveOn.

    Rather, today’s Dems seem to be looking for saviors in the form of an almost Platonic ideal regarding intersectionality and talking points from the current list of Leftist concerns. Obama was almost that, for instance. The problem for the Left is, this will always be a moving target because they are looking for a Messiah based around the concerns of the moment.

    In that sense it does feel very much like a religious movement … which is quite ironic given the Leftists tend to be aggressively atheist, e.g. decrying others’ faith as well as having none themselves.

    Personally, I would have bet on the next major religion evolving out of Elvis. Who’d have thought it would be … whatever this is?

    1. Religious cult is a good analogy. It’s not the only leftist cult that takes that form; global warmism is another. It has all the attributes: a high priest (Al Gore and that NASA dude whose name I forget), a Holy Inquisition that will burn non-believers, and fervent belief without any concern about facts.

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