Yesterday I published a post I don’t think this Dem Oklahoma State Rep gets it so I made some meme to explain it to him.

In it I included this meme:


The responses to his Tweet were almost universally the same.

Today we have a follow-up.

Here is the takeaway:

The Left has absolutely no idea what Conservatives actually believe and instead believe Conservatives are the bullshit strawmen they make them out to be.  The Left then projects the worst aspect of their side onto the Conservatives.  They do this because the Leftist bubble is so thick and their echo chamber is so loud that reality rarely penetrates it.

In this case the Left’s mantra is that the Right wants to ban abortion because the Right hates women and wants to control them.

This bill also assumes that Conservative men are like Leftist men when it comes to sexual morals, i.e., easy sex and hookup culture.

This bill was supposed to scare Conservatives, i.e., “you’ll be financially responsible for the women you knock up when you sleep around.”

If he actually knew any Conservatives he’d know that Conservatives are anti-hookup culture and pro-marriage.  That isn’t a talking point, that’s real.

But he doesn’t actually know any Conservatives or understand what we think so made up a bill that attacked his strawman idea of Conservatives, and when we reacted with completely support if his bill, he had to pull it before it was passed overwhelmingly by the Oklahoma House.

This is a microcosm of politics in America.

If you want to understand why there is no more compromise and why I say we need a national divorce, it’s because their side doesn’t operate in reality but an echo chamber filled with Conservative strawmen.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Tell me how thick your bubble is and you don’t understand what conservatives think at all – a follow-up”
  1. The Oklahoma GOP should immediately submit a new bill that is her bill, verbatim. Then ask her to formally submit all the amendments to the bill that she wants to in order to “clarify” it.

  2. Oklahoma has a Republican trifecta. The Republican Party controls the office of governor and both chambers of the state legislature. (ballotpedia)
    House- 82 vs 19
    Senate- 39 vs 9

    I’d say, reintroduce and pass the damn bill!

  3. It’s the same out-of-touch type who thinks that if conservatives see black people with guns, they would immediately support gun control right now!

    And then Winsome Sears happened- and conservatives were like “Hell yeah!!!”

    1. I remember several years ago there was an “ad” that was going to make conservatives “heads explode”

      It showed an interracial couple enjoying breakfast. Imagine the disappointment on the left when no one noticed, or cared.

  4. I hope that the GOP reintroduces the bill with clarification of their own. Namely, the fact that if the father is financially liable for a pregnancy from conception on, then the mother must get his permission if she wants to abort it.

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