So a young man with two doses and no symptoms can give COVID to and possibly kill an elderly person with three doses, and to prevent that must follow the same outdoors and masks protocols that were recommended before the vaccines became available.

There are only three logical conclusions here.

1) The vaccines are utterly fucking useless and provide absolute no benefits whatsoever.

2) This has nothing to do with stopping the spread of COVID or saving lives, and has everything with crushing every bit of happiness, familial relationships, and positive human interactions under the oppressive boot heel of totalitarian government.

3) Both 1 and 2.


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By J. Kb

18 thoughts on “Tell me the vaccines are utterly f*cking worthless without telling me the vaccines are utterly f*cking worthless”
  1. (Nips down to the basement in search of the IWW Little Red Song Book.)
    Turn now in our hymnals to page 53: “Soul Stealers” by Kathleen Taylor.
    “Soul stealers’ ways are many, and hard to understand,
    For they murmur words of comfort as they take you by the hand.
    They’ll show you the painted horses and they’ll tell you what to feel,
    And if you disagree with them, they’ll break you on the wheel.”

  2. Reminder, and annex to item #2.

    One of the fundamental tenets of leftistism/statism/progressivism is that your primary (and hopefully only) relationship of any meaning must be with the State. All other relationships are secondary.

    That is why they are pushing for government funded day care (get the mother out of the child’s early childhood), masking (humans key in on faces, remove that stimulus.), and everything gets dropped off via doordash or the USPS. It removes interpersonal interactions. And, makes it easier for the State to be your best friend.

  3. They have to say these things because their programmed to say these things. Especially when they start pushing “boosters” every few months permanently. As in years and even decades from now I figure that they’re going to push boosters because they know the vaccine is damaging peoples immune system to the point where it’s artificial AIDS. These vaccines are literally causing the peoples immune system to erode and go through the process that one has when they have HIV. It’s called VAIDS. The body becomes dependent upon boosters. But each booster they get the worse the effect becomes. If they don’t get the booster there immune system simply stops working. So it’s damned if you do damned if you don’t. They know this and this is why they push boosters because it terrifies the hell out of them that this is going to be found out and people are going to be furious. As in they will be hunted down, beaten to death, shot, hanged, burned alive and thrown off buildings furious. These leaders and these elites will be responsible for the greatest atrocity and loss of life inflicted upon the human race in its entire existence. The body count and after effects will take decades if not a century or more to recover from as a species.

    I’m not a religious person but if the second coming of Christ were to happen it’s probably around this time.

  4. Regarding number 2: I can forgive governments for freaking out and overreacting back in Spring of 2020, with restrictions winding down in summer 2020. Anything that’s been done after that is a totalitarian act of aggression.

    1. Today’s WSJ has an op-ed discussing the fact that it was well established scientific knowledge before the WuFlu that lockdowns and quarantines have no merit when dealing with airborne viruses. Nothing has happened since then to change that science; only the politics have changed.

      Don’t forget that the WuFlu was cheered by Democrats as “finally the thing that will bring Trump down”. If you remember that, the things that happened all make sense.

  5. I can’t take it anymore–I’m following Ben Shapiro’s advice.

    I’m putting a plastic bad over my head and an elastic around my neck.

    No COVID risk for me!

  6. Oh, a question completely off-topic.

    I have a Macbook laptop running Safari and the GFZ links don’t work. I get a message that Safari can’t complete the task (or something). I’m using Firefox for this.

    OTOH, I have no problem using the links using my Apple tablet with Safari.

    Anyone else having that problem?

    1. Nope. Macbook, Safari, Mac OS 11.6.1 — no trouble and haven’t seen any. You might try erasing cookies or history, I’ve seen that help once or twice (with other websites).

  7. I am vaccinated, two shots of Moderna.

    I have decided no more. I cannot see how the same vaccine that didn’t work the first time will be any more effective the next time around. Especially after this virus has done exactly what all viruses do, which is mutate. Omicron is the normal evolution of a virus, more transmissible, but much less virulent. And a whole lot less likely to be blocked by a vaccine optimized for the original virus.

    That does not mean I have given up. I am using Vitamins B & C, Zinc, a Multivitamin, and especially Vitamin D to build my immune system.

    I get the Zinc from my Bausch and Lomb AREDS2 Eye Vitamins, which also have lots of Vitamin C and E too. My Super-B Complex also has lots of Vitamin C too. The Multivitamin has other vitamins and minerals, including K2. You can get lots of Vitamin D from the sun, but Winter Solstice is next week, so you definitely need to use supplements in the winter. The FDA says the maximum is 4,000 IU per day, because they know 5,000 IU are safe for all people. Get your Vit D tested if you are concerned about too much or too little. 20 ng/mol prevents rickets, but 40-50-80 ng/mol is a good healthy level.

    By the way, Vitamin D is also said to improve mood during the winter.

    Now to lose the excess weight (FAT!). Supposedly long COVID is caused by infected fat cells.

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