That is Russian Olympian Vitalina Batsarashkina, and the sport is women’s 10m air pistol.

ISSF shooting competitions (10m air pistol and 25m rimfire) are all done one-handed.

Also, it’s a 177 caliber air gun.

I bet this asshole also believes you shouldn’t own an AR-15 because it’s a weapon of war.



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By J. Kb

13 thoughts on “Tell me you know nothing about guns or shooting sports without telling me you know nothing about guns or shooting sports”
    1. She is 24 now 🙂 Had a silver at the last Olympics as a teen.

      P. S. She characterized herself online once as a hunter and a gamer. Makes sense in Omsk.

  1. I have to admit I’m charmed by the (apparent) insouciance of the stance. ‘Here, watch me make all of you look bad by comparison.’

    (And yeah, if she won the gold? She pulled it off.)

  2. Some thoughts on the AR15 and the like being “weapons of war”: it should be a good battle rifle for the coming “festivities”. But the term “weapon of war” is pretty vague. Wouldn’t a tomahawk or a trench club be a weapon of war if one was to bring such to a battle? How about a bow and arrows? And let’s not forget the sling, which David used so well against Goliath. So I think that calling these guns “weapons of war” is misleading and duplicitous.

    1. I own many weapons of war, which indeed WERE used in wartime.
      Mosin-Nagants. Mausers of several flavors. A 1903A3 Springfield. A J. Stevens riot gun issued to the Navy in 1943. A SMLE. An Arisaka. Manually operated long arms all, and no different in form, function, or power from millions of hunting and sporting arms carried annually during deer or dove seasons.
      One has bloodstains on the stock, near where a soldier’s face would be when the rifle was shouldered. Another has hash marks carved into the butt, from someone keeping count.
      Some almost undoubtedly saw service in multiple wars.
      My ARs of all variants have never been fired in wartime. Neither has my HK91 clone. Nor my M1 Carbine clone. Nor my tactical shotguns with sidesaddles and lights, nor my PDWs, nor any of my tactical / duty style handguns.
      I own quite a few weapons of war. But I do not own a single firearm matching the usually-nebulous images or definitions conjured up by the duplicitous term of “assault weapon” that has ever been used in wartime, not even hung in an arms locker to be used in emergency two thousand miles away.

    2. “So I think that calling these guns “weapons of war” is misleading and duplicitous.”

      …and that’s why they do it, I think.

      Frankly, just about everything mankind has ever invented, or probably will ever invent, can be – and probably has been – used either directly as a weapon, or as part of one.

      Once someone has agreed to ban or restrict weapons of war on general principles, then it’s kitty bar the door.

  3. If you read the U.S. Army or U.S.M.C. field/training manuals on pistol marksmanship (I’d have to look up the T.C./F.M. numbers), that is the exact stance they describe for competition shooting, right down to the detail of having your off-hand in your pocket (or hooked on a belt loop).

    Hmmm…. Almost like Ms. Batsarashkina knows more than the commenters, or something.

    Or do they consider themselves more educated and knowledgeable about guns and shooting than the frickin’ U.S. military?

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