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7 thoughts on “Ten years ago, Trayvon Martin ceased to be a thug.”
  1. The only part you missed in your corrected version was to remind them that Trayvon was shot while actively bashing a man’s head into the pavement and threatening to kill him.

  2. What I’d really like to tell them is that Stand Your Ground doesn’t mean “Shoot First”, it means you don’t have to get shot first.

    The opposite of Stand Your Ground is “get shot first.” SYG didn’t get invoked in Zimmerman’s trial because when your back is on concrete and your head is getting bashed into that concrete, there’s no way to retreat and nowhere to retreat to.

  3. They’re still referring to Trayvon’s death as a murder.

    People, the man who killed him was acquitted of the murder charge. By definition, the death was NOT a murder.

    Continuing to call it a murder after thr trial decided it’s not, is the same as continuing to call Zimmerman a murderer. We call that “libel” and “slander”.

  4. And if Mr. Zimmerman’s Mom had only called him Jorge instead of George? Jorge Zimmerman? No one would have cared. .
    They first thought George Zimmerman was a White Man, possibly even a (gasp!) Rich Floridian Jew. After that, they literally stampeded into the Ben Crump Narrative of the Racist “White Hispanic” Child Killer. The US Mainstream Media bought into Ben Crump’s Narrative fully and too completely. They could not back out unless they wanted to tarred as Racists! too. So the media joined the ignorant lynch mob. The media led the demands for a new States Attorney, and they picked Angela Corey to lynch Zimmerman and appease the mobs.
    Everything was going fine until the actual facts came out at the trial. Even then, I listened to Andrew Branca and watched the actual trial at “Legal Insurrection,” then the “Network News.” I thought they were covering different trials, I was not surprised at the acquittal, unlike everyone that watched the network news. (I tried to tell them…)

  5. I notice the Brave and Noble Kris Brown does not allow replies on Twitter. Not even fawning replies.
    They do not believe they can defend their bilious lies.

  6. When “explaining” SYG*, I feel like I’m talking to a toddler (or a goldfish).

    * Or “assault weapon”, “gun violence”, “gunman”, blah, blah, blah.

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