Before I go on, a reminder that this series only covers the bills I found interesting for either being good or being bad and they come attached with the IANAL warning. You will get the full list of bills through this link: Tennessee General Assembly Special Session Bill Index (


HB 7053 by Sparks (R): Taxes – As introduced, permanently exempts from sales and use tax, the retail sale of gun safes and gun safety devices; removes the temporary sales tax holiday. – Amends TCA Title 67, Chapter 6. (TEXT)
I will always be happy about getting rid of taxes, but it is the second part of the bill that gives me a disgusting case of the creeps:

“Gun safety device” means an integral device to be equipped or
installed on a firearm that permits a user to program the firearm to operate only
for specified persons designated by the user through computerized locking
devices or other means integral to and permanently part of the firearm.

Retrofitting guns to be “smart”? Pass. In fact, I want a 1000% tax on stuff like that and the monies collected to be used to buy gun locks to be freely distributed.

HB 7054 by Littleton (R): Firearms and Ammunition – As introduced, exempts a person from civil liability for damages, injuries, or death resulting from or arising out of the theft of the person’s firearm that is properly stored in the person’s motor vehicle unless the person commits an offense involving the use of the stored firearm or intentionally solicits or procures the conduct resulting in damage, injury, or death. – Amends TCA Title 39, Chapter 17, Part 13. (TEXT)
I would like to see this extended to everywhere, but I will take the vehicle coverage gladly. Some will bitch about the “properly stored” part of the deal, but we need to take this possible win and avoid unnecessary legal expenditures against gun owners who took precautions to keep firearms secured in their vehicles.

I will go over the bills again tonight in case something new is introduced today (I told you I am still a babe in the woods related to Tennessee Legislative procedures, so I have no idea if that is possible) and keep you posted about what happens. Best case Scenario is only good bills get voted on, but I will take a No Bills Passed and a win too.


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