Still getting the sources for my new State, but I found a copy of the Lifetime Order of Protection bill (now law) we were talking about yesterday and reader Therefore raised valid questions about its possible misuse.

Here is the text of the Bill.

Notwithstanding § 36-3-608, a victim of a felony offense under title
39, chapter 13, part 1, 2, 3, or 5 may file a petition for a lifetime order of protection against the offender who was convicted of the offense.

And here are the felony offenses covered under that law (in bold):

2014 Tennessee Code
Title 39 – Criminal Offenses
Chapter 13 – Offenses Against Person
Part 1 – Assaultive Offenses
Part 2 – Criminal Homicide
Part 3 – Kidnapping and False Imprisonment
Part 4 – Robbery
Part 5 – Sexual Offenses
Part 6 – Invasion of Privacy
Part 7 – Standardized Treatment for Sex Offenders
Part 8 – Terrorism Prevention and Response Act of 2002
Part 9 – Surveillance by Unmanned Aircraft

It seems to be narrowly tailored enough to prevent is abuse, but then again people have been creative in the past and abuses have happened. I just hope most people will have a bit of common sense and not screw with this.

There was an editorial by Nikki Goeser in the local rag, but it does not show in the digital version at time of posting. I’ll link when it does.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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One thought on “Tennessee’s Lifetime Protection Order. The Text.”
  1. That seems to be a more reasonable approach than what it initially sounded like. It appears to be aimed directly at the individuals who cannot/won’t learn from being convicted and incarcerated. I’m still a little concerned about abuse, but not as much as I was.

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