I saw this meme floating around the internet yesterday:


Do you actually still believe that I respect women at all, especially since I have willing decided to continue to put my wife & daughters through all of this shit!  This job & making abortion illegal again is way more important to my supreme leader (Trump) than my own family!

That is a terrorist meme.

Judge Kavanaugh’s wife and daughters have been subject to grotesque death threats.

In addition, they’ve had to sit and watch a man they love have his reputation destroyed with baseless accusations.

It must be horrible for them.

But it wasn’t Judge Kavanaugh that was doing this, it was the Democrats and racial Left doing that.  They are the ones putting Kavanaugh through all sorts of hell to get him voted down or quit.

This meme is literally saying:

We are going to criticize you for not respecting women because you will not capitulate to our unprecedented and disgusting terrorism of your wife and daughters.”

This is the logic of the radical Left.  Their attacks on the women in Kavanaugh’s life are not disrespecting women.  Kavanaugh not tucking tail and running when the women is his life are attacked is disrespecting women.

This is pure evil.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Terrorist supporting meme against Kavanaugh”
  1. They have backed him into a corner with no escape but forward. His life is destroyed or he wins; he has no option but to fight all the way. The idiots thought if they upped the pressure he would quit. The stupid took away the quit and live option.

    1. There is no “quit and live” option. The forces of evil set out to destroy him, and they have. Whatever the outcome may be doesn’t affect that at all. Win or lose, he’s going to be tarred with these accusations forever.
      The Dems are already on record saying they will impeach him if they ever get the majority again. Those are not the positions of people who are interested in facts, or truth, or decency.

  2. The vile actions of those on the Left and the Democrats (one in the same) shows that he is the perfect man for the job. I look forward to his seating in SCOTUS from where he can make the lives of these miserable slime even worse than they can imagine by faithfully adhering to the intent of the Constitution. Oh, the horror!

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