This surgeon looks like a caricature of what a woke non-binary doctor would look, except he is real and sincere.

This is a member of the “destroy sex and gender” cult who is committing surgical mutilation on children to fully bring them into the cult.

Under no circumstances is performing radical double mastectomy on a physically healthy teenager remotely good medicine.

First do no harm.

This is the ultimate harm.

This needs to be criminalized to the highest degree.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Textbook grooming in the medical profession”
  1. He ends by saying if we don’t do surgery on kids now, they’re going to need it later.
    So frickin’ what? What does that hurt except his (its?) income stream.
    Maybe with some competent medical care they won’t need surgery. Maybe if they wait until they get old enough to buy a car or vote they’ll be capable of better decisions. Maybe they’ll talk with someone like the couple of people getting drowned out by a-holes like this guy, and they’ll realize the surgery isn’t a cure for what’s really bothering them. Or they’ll realize they’re doing all of this out a desire to be cool and it’s not real.
    Some mother of a teen posted an article a week or two ago, where she said every single friend of her daughter identifies as transgender or “special” in some way. Every. Single. One. For a condition that research has shown to be well under 1% of the population. Therefore, it’s programming or grooming or whatever word you want to use. The same kids would think they were dinosaurs if that was talked about as much.

  2. I think of wood chippers as a form of behavior modification much more frequently than I ever did before. I blame you!

    OTOH, there’s many more instances where it could/should be used than I could have possibly imagined just a year ago.

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