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11 thoughts on “That is a hard door to knock”
  1. That was impressive. At one point I wondered if someone had put a knob on the hinge side as a joke.

    I was looking at the top of the frame … seemed to be another bolt up there, as the door wasn’t bouncing at the top and they had to push it out when the regular latch finally gave. That’s a good safety tip to make note of.

    It also seems to have seriously POd the doorbreakers.

  2. I like the door knob on the hinge side idea. A long rod through the center of the door to the latching mechanism in it’s normal spot. Maybe some four-point throw bolts like on the door of a safe for good measure. A solid wood door that is fire rated sounds like a good place to start building such a project. Jack-booted government confiscation goons sure would have their work cut out for them on a Zero-Dark-Thirty no-knock raid.

  3. I would think a fire rated door, especially a steel door, in a steel door frame would do the job. In Europe you find steel bits more than here, especially in places like Holland that have no domestic lumber sources to speak of.
    As for the extra bolts, our back door looks like that; it’s a patio door from Marvin that has a conventional latch at the handle plus a bolt at top and bottom engaged by the door handle. It seems to be more for obtaining a tight seal (we’re in NH) than for security, though obviously it helps with that too.
    I wonder if there’s anything in between, security-wise, a decent steel front door on the one hand, and a walk-in vault door on the other. Googling “high security steel exterior doors” turns up a bunch of stuff, some pretty expensive, but not all.
    Meanwhile, I wonder if the Spanish SWAT bosses are going to invest in some reels of det cord.

  4. By the time they entered, the apartment had been cleared of all evidence, the walls were repainted, and the occupants were considering new carpets.

  5. Watching the video again, I notice the doorknob is in the center of the door, not dissimilar from a vault or safe.

    If you don’t mind that aesthetic, the possibilities of additional reinforcement, multiple bolts on all sides, etc, become much easier.

    And there’s no way to tell where the hinges are from the outside.

  6. That calls for gluing down a nice large linoleum door mat, and a very delicate glass bottle of oil concealed at the bottom of the door.

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