Remember when New York City mayor Eric Adams said this:


I’m not sure what brand he was thinking about but outside of NYC, what it means is this:


I saw in a Friday Feedback that we talk about New York City a lot.

A theme of this block is push back.

Some people with an agenda push too far and then there needs to be a return to normalcy with push back.

Trump was push back.

New York City is a cultural epicenter of America.  Many influential people think that NYC should be a model for America, or that NYC values should be the dominant values in America.

Documenting just how much of a shit hole NYC is facilitates that push back.

I want that every time some fuck-face from New York talks about New York values and how it’s so great and America should be more like that, for 300 million Americans who don’t live in or around New York to scream at the top of their lungs: “New York is a violent shit hole of crime and garbage where decent people should not live, so take your New York values and cram them up your ass and sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up.”

I want a push back that sticks New York in it’s place.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “That NYC brand.”
  1. A little off-topic but Hizzonor is wrong: Kansas certainly does have a brand. It involves tornadoes, witches, and yellow brick roads, among other things. And it generally has a higher fraction of nice connotations than NYC’s.

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