This is so cringe worthy it’s unbelievable.

Michael Moore traveled to the Toronto Film Festival so show off his new movie Fahrenheit 11/9.  Why not go to a foreign country to shit all over America’s  58th consecutive election of a President and 45th peaceful transition of power, in a movie that will make you millions of dollars, which could only have been made in America because of this nation’s freedoms.

Fifty-eight elections and 45 peaceful transitions of power is mind boggling when you think about it.  As a student of history, I can’t think of any other time that power wast transferred more than a handful times without some monarch’s sibling, cousin, or in-law making a challenge to the throne.

Michael Moore brought some of the Parkland kids with him.  Apparently Parkland has something to do with Trump and the Republicans, rather than years of failure of county bureaucracy in one of the most Democrat rich counties in the state.  So pretty much Broward is like Wayne County, Cook County, Baltimore County, etc, where all he problems can be traced back to total domination of the county goverment by the party that Moore wholeheartedly supports.

David Hogg takes the stage and promptly tells the Canadians to violate US Federal law.

Michael Moore has to correct him, live, on stage, at which point he awkwardly stumbles through the rest of his message.  It makes no sense for Hogg to have to do this in Canada, the Canadians have already implemented everything he wants, from massive gun restrictions, to government provided healthcare, to confiscatory tax rates.

He then tries to recover from his mistake by repeating the lie that the NRA funneled $30 Million from Russia to Trump.

This is provably false.  Still Hogg is going with it.

Why not?  He’s standing next to a man who made almost $120 Million with a movie that pushed 9/11 conspiracy theories.

Is saying that the NRA laundered $30 Million to Trump any more unbelievable than saying Bush knew about and let 9/11 happen for political gain?

I think this is also a good time to mention some facts about the 2016 election.

Hillary raised $973 Million to Trump’s $564 Million.  Hillary spent $969 Million to Trump’s $531 Million.  If the NRA did give Trump $30 million, that would amount to 5% of his total raised.  Considering that Hillary out spent him by $438 million or 45%, that fictitious money from Russia would have made no bit of difference even if it had been real.

David Hogg wants to lover the voting age to 16, but after six months of pro-voting activism, doesn’t understand Federal campaign donation laws, and spreads 9/11 truther level conspiracy theories about Trump.  This is almost enough to justify raising the voting age to 21 and perhaps implementing a civics exam to earn the franchise.

Hogg and Moore came off looking terrible by doing this.  Their 15 minutes is way past up, but in the land of TDS they will be hailed as heroes.  Moore knows this well.  He’s been riding a wave of BDS since June 23, 2004.

This movie is going to make a lot of money selling tickets to the #Resistant who want to watch anti-Trump porn and it’s only to going amplify Hogg.

It’s amazing just how much money can be made off of brainless outrage.



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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “That one time when David Hogg was so wrong even Michael Moore had to correct him”
  1. “It’s amazing just how much money can be made off of brainless outrage.”

    I recently realized … It’s entertainment. Just look at 90% of TV shows … stupid people doing stupid stuff, so the viewer can feel smart and laugh at the stupid. And never realizing the TV is also a mirror.

    People – some, anyway – feel better when they have someone to despise.

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