My condolences Miguel.

Earlier today Miguel published a post The difficult thing about Liberty.

It was a very principled post and contained this picture.


Then this happened.


Well then…

Since the Second Amendment isn’t for everyone then fine, commies don’t get gun rights.

That will make it much easier to play commie lawn darts from a helicopter with them.


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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “That post aged poorly”
  1. Of course, they are in favor of “arming those groups who stand the most to gain from the end of capitalism” until they stand the most to gain from disarming — and likely executing — those same groups.

  2. Wow, the level of “school yard bully” or, now that I think of it, “Queen of the mean girls club” in that Socialist Gun Club response is amazing. Everyone is awful, except for us, and no one should be allowed to _______except for us.

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