The thing that Miguel posted about Publix not paying for PrEP for HIV then being strong armed into it has really pissed me off.

It was only a week ago I made a post about why LGBT acceptance has gone down.  Well, right now, I’m mad as hell at the LGBT community.

At this point in my life I am an employee.  One day I hope to be an employer.  I’d like to stop working for the man and become the man.  This is the kind of thing that worries me about starting my own company.  Not that my ideas or technology won’t work, but that I’m going to get screwed financially out of existence by regulations and bullshit before I ever get off the ground.

The comments I’ve seen in the news are that Publix did this because they are homophobic, and donates to Republicans.  More comments by (gay) people are that it’s a bigoted policy because Publix covers the flu shots and birth control, but not HIV prophylactics.

As a future employer this is how I see it.

At some point in their lives, about half the country is going to be on birth control.  Providing birth control has become a standard benefit from employers.  I could not pay for it, but then I wound’t be competitive and my ability to attract and retain good employees – either women or men who have their wives covered – would be diminished.  The cost of birth control is between $15 and $60 dollars per month.  Taking the average, that is $380 per year.

Take an average engineer salary of $75,000 per year.  Salary is about half the value of an employee to an employer.  So an engineer at  $75K, actually is worth about $150K per year.  That’s $75/hour of work time.  That is the break even math bases for my analysis.

At $380 average for birth control, it costs me 5 hours of time for a female engineer to pay for her to fuck her husband without a condom.  If that is what it takes, roughly half of one working day, to have good female employees, that’s a no brainier.  The math works in my favor.  Done.

Let’s take the flu shot.  That costs about $40 per year.  The flu is highly contagious in an office environment.  The flu costs $10.4 billion in lost work hours in America every year.

If a $40 flu shot keeps an engineer from taking ONE sick day in a year, it was a good investment.  It cost me 30 minutes of his time to save a whole working day.  Done.  Money well spent.

PrEP costs about $13,000 per year.  That is 173 hours or 21 work days just to cover the cost of PrEP.

For the cost of one gay may to fuck random men in the ass without a condom, I can pay for 34 women to fuck their husbands and boyfriends.

If a female engineer gets pregnant, I could cover the cost of her delivering by cesarean for less than the cost of PrEP.

It is unbelievably arrogant, monumentally narcissistic, for a gay employee to think that he is worth almost 20% more than any of his co workers in preventative healthcare costs so that he can be a night club cum dumpster in his off hours.

If the mantra is “equal pay for equal work” than that gay employee better be putting in some serious overtime to justify his medical costs, not to cure a disease, but as a prophylactic.  If he thinks he can do is 40 hours and go clubbing, he’s not pulling his economic weight.

Insurance is a risk pool.  I’d cover cancer, heart attacks, etc, because in all likelihood most employees won’t ever need that level of care.  If they do, it should be a one time deal.  How long can we expect an employee to be on PrEP?  Five years?  Ten?

Going back to Publix, a full time, non-manager salaried position makes about $27,000 per year.  If that full time, non-manager is a single gay man, he’s asking Publix to cover health benefits to the tune of 48% of his salary – for him to take it in the butt without a rubber.

That’s the equivalent to him making one-and-a-half times as much as his co-workers in terms of overall costs to the company.

The simple economic truth is that single, young, gay men are just to expensive to employ if the company has to subsidize their irresponsible lifestyle.

The gay community and its allies who threatened to boycott Publix didn’t think this one through.  They got all high and might on social media and signaled their virtue on Twitter.  The reality is they strong armed Publix into a financially unfeasible situation to appease a fraction of a tiny minority of potential employees.

Rep. Carlos Smith should be ashamed of himself.

I’ll tell you exactly what is going to happen now.

Business after business will see a young man drive into the parking lot in a Mazda Miata or with a rainbow flag sticker on the bumper and all of a sudden “the position has been filled.”

And to hell with all the activists who protested or went to Twitter with this.

Gay men have priced themselves out of the market as useful employees.

You did this to yourselves.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “That Publix thing pissed me off”
  1. “Gay men have priced themselves out of the market as useful employees.

    You did this to yourselves.”

    Well said.

    But you know as well as I do that this will just create another SJW crusade about how unfair/bigoted/racist/etc. companies are not hiring folks from the LGBTQXYZABC communities.

    Progtards are never happy unless they have control over everyone else, busybodies that they are. That’s what needs to change… take ALL semblance of control from the progtards and put them in their place for good. Enough of the PC bullshit. Fucking had enough.

  2. Aids gets 7 billion per year for research. Brain cancer gets 25 million in a good year. Brain cancer has no cause and no cure. We know what kind of behavior spreads aids, and we know how to prevent it. Go figure. Yes, I have lost friends and relatives to brain cancer. 1 cousin to aids.

  3. Everything in life has some level of risk, some more than others. If I choose to get out of bed in the morning, there is a small but non-zero risk of falling and breaking my neck and dying. If I don’t get out of bed, eventually I’ll die of starvation. If I choose to have unprotected sex with a random man, I have a significant risk of contracting one of several serious diseases that may eventually kill me. If I chooses to have unprotected sex with a random woman, I have a smaller risk of contracting one of several serious diseases that may eventually kill me. We as adult humans make choices everyday that involve some level of risk. Why is it your employer’s (and by extension his customer’s) responsibility to pay for the consequences of your choices?

    If Publix, as a company, chooses to subsidize their employees’ risky behavior by supplying an expensive drug (that has risks of its own) that is their decision. If I, as a customer, decide I no longer wish to pay the resulting exhorubadent prices, that is my decision. Unless their customer base is overwhelmingly SJWs, I don’t see Publix staying in business very long taking this approach.

  4. This is exactly why employers should be OUT OF THE MEDICAL INSURANCE BUSINESS. In a consumer driven system, coverage for this type of risk would be dealt with appropriate costs. High risk behavior, high cost and vise versa.
    I can’t tell you how many employees I have had who left a good job because of poor health benefits, or couldn’t leave a bad job because of good health benefits. It’s not a good play for businesses anyways as it drags them into a market they don’t have expertise in, diluting their resources and forcing them to add entire departments. And of course, there’s the politics that get shoved in as well.

  5. This sort of thing will bring the SJW special snowflake benefits parade to a screeching and permanent stop. The only reason being a special snowflake brings benefits is because the majority of the population have compassion for the historically oppressed.
    But, when they stop asking for an even break, but instead start demanding more and more, the compassion runs out.

    Eventually, the response to cries of “racist” and “homophobe” becomes “so what?” or “tough”. At that point, the snowflakes will melt away.

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