That story in Palo Alto got better

Remember that story yesterday about the crazy Leftist who harassed an old man in a Starbucks over his MAGA hat.

She called him a Nazi and tried to doxx him.

Turns out he’s an observant Jews who wears a Yarmukle under his MAGA hat.

Welcome to Palo Alto, where a peaceful Jew is a fascist Nazi and a woman who tries to incite a lynch mob against him for his hat is a virtuous person to be defended by the city’s Human Resource Commissioner.

It’s like an episode of the Twilight Zone.


5 Replies to “That story in Palo Alto got better”

  1. Why does Palo Alto need a Human Resource Commisar in the first place? (Since by implication, this isn’t the functionary who deals with who’s taking vacation and who’s behind on their training, and the like.)

    1. That’s a good start, but that still leaves the Commissar for Correct Thought, who obviously also needs to be fired and blacklisted, along with anyone involved in the authorizing of the existence of that job.

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