When you don’t have a platform and your opponent is the most successful governor in America, you run on T&A.

One for the boob guys…

One for the foot fetishists…

(Leftist foot fetishists is probably a larger demographic than you’d think)

I have no idea what she thinks she can do as governor.

She promised as Agricultural Commissioner to decriminalize pot, and she didn’t.

She tried to ruin the CCW process but couldn’t.

She has made a big deal about publicly suspending the CCW licenses of people under investigation for participation in J6.  While legal, it’s in bad taste and highly partisan to have press conferences in which she proudly suspended the CCW licenses of people who have been arrested for disorderly conduct (she seems to be taking the “other disqualifying offenses” language pretty far) in the Capitol.

So far, really her platform is just DeSantis Department Syndrome.

If she gets any more desperate, she might start doing campaign events at Scarlett’s Cabaret, collecting campaign donations in her G-string.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “That’s a bold campaign strategy”
    1. Yeah … given the inside, the outside holds no appeal beyond the moment.

      Of course, I’m far from the first male to have learned that lesson…

    1. A message board I used to frequent referred to it as a “Rule 3 Violation”. The rules:
      1) Never trust the man.
      2) Always keep your money in your front pocket.
      3) Never stick your d*** in crazy.

      Nikki Fried is a violation of Rules #1 & #3.

  1. She put her picture on the gas pump certification sticker as Agriculture secretary. Then later came out with larger sticker with bigger picture. No other Ag Sec ever felt need to have picture on every gas pump in the state of Florida.

  2. So, she literally is everything the original “feminists” complained about men doing when it came to dealing with women. She’s using a woman’s body as the reason that you should pay attention to her, rather than her mind. She wants attention, and is willing to show off her body to get it. “Vote for me because I have nice T&A.” “Don’t judge me by the content of my character, but by the shape of my body.”

    My mom had a warning for all her sons about women like that. She even had a name for them. Rhymed with door.

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