A Palestinian youth terrorist, Wadee Olayyan, attempted to stab an Israeli border guard in Jerusalem.

The internet has turned him into an example of how heinous the Jews are for murdering children.

Hamas already stated that Olayyan was one of their fighters.


Of all the takes I’ve seen on this, the dumbest and worst has to be this:


We have covered time and time again on this blog how dangerous knife attacks are.

Time and time again, we’ve said the best thing to bring to a knife fight is a gun.

We’ve stood by American cops who have shot people armed with knives when the anti-cop activists say stupid shit about how the cop like how he should have tried to disarm the man with the knife.

Here, this fuck-wit is demanding that Jews disarm a Hamas terrorist armed with a knife bare handed. Because Krav Maga is magic or something.

That’s stupid.

Moreover, demanding that the Jews hold themselves to such high standards in the face of potentially lethal Palestinian terrorism is an antisemitic double standard.

A lot of idiocy and Jew-hatred in one post.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “Thats a lot of idiocy and antisemitism”
  1. “If someone ever tries to kill you try to kill them right back.” – Malcolm Reynolds, Firefly
    If you fight fair when someone is trying to kill you, you’re an idiot. (Especially if you accept anyone else’s definition of “fair.”)

    1. The little shit could have been concealing a bomb belt, too.

      Gets close enough to stab people, get a crowd around to subdue him and =bang!=

    1. One could make a solid argument that that has already happened; i.e. that no one of the Jewish faith votes for Democrats now. People of Jewish background do, but not the faith.
      Does that sound like a “No True Scotsman” fallacy? Yes, a bit. But it’s not an unreasonable argument.

  2. I have family in Ma’aleh Adumim. I’m sure they must be thrilled. Even they might be voting for DJT this time around.

  3. Face it.
    They are better at marketing and advertising than we are. Nothing is going to change until the side of sanity starts marketing as well, if not better than the opposition.
    I do not know why, but for some reason people actually believe that Israel is the aggressor. OK, I lied. They believe it because muslims are better at advertising.

  4. Krav Maga does indeed have many techniques to defend against a knife attack.
    Performed successfully, they usually end with the attacker seriously injured or permanently crippled — shattered wrists, dislocated shoulders, crushed windpipes, heads slammed into the pavement, etc. (Hint: High-level martial arts do not f*ck around, and krav is no exception.)
    Tell me the anti-IDF outcry would be any less if they HAD used hand-to-hand techniques that just happened to inflict, say, two of the four possibilities above. No, they’d be criticizing the “brutality” of seriously injuring a “child”.
    “Fair” is for tournaments, which are about as far removed from life-or-death as you can get. In “real life” lethal force situations, you end the attack as quickly as possible, with as little risk to yourself as possible, and what happens to the other guy in the process is 100% his fault. FAFO, and all that. There might be a quicker way to get yourself shot than to pull out a knife and rush an armed soldier … but I can’t think of it.
    Just my $0.02.


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