I’ve never watched the show, but I know it’s popular with the kinds of people who like this blog.

The star, Alan Ritchson, decided to open his mouth on politics.


According to Wikipedia, they are finished shooting season three.

It’s going to flop upon release.

I suspect season four will be canceled.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “That’s a wrap for Reacher”
  1. Why do actors think we care what they have to say, they are paid to act like someone else.

    Shut your cake hole and dance monkey..

  2. Pity. The series had its “wtf” moments, but Ritchson ain’t no Tom Cruise … which is a very good thing in the context of this role.
    I never got into the Reacher series – after the third book the plots all seemed both formulaic and self-similar – but Mrs B is a fan.
    To GMs point … There are enough people out there who – for whatever reason – care what their favorite characters’ actors say, and enough actors who think they take on something of those characters. I’m reminded of a line from Galaxy Quest: something to the effect of “for a moment I thought you actually were smart.”

  3. he is in no way like the original “Reacher”..
    fuk him. you ever notice the ones who hate Trump have less moneythan Trump but more than We the People do?? I watched the first one which was ok but quite far from the book..

  4. If he’d stopped at the comment about cops (especially in demonrat controlled cities) he would’ve been fine.
    But monkeys are stupid, even the ones who know how to dance.

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