We watched The Blues Brothers for family movie night.

My son was confused about Illinois Nazis and the line “those bums won their court case.”

My wife explained to him about the Nazis wanting to march in Skokie and this was a reference to that.

He was taken aback by the idea of Nazis marching in America.

I snidely remarked: “That’s why I own a shitload of guns and twice as much ammo.”

He looked right at me and said:

“That’s pretty smart, dad.”

That’s my boy!

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “That’s my boy!”
  1. It’s posts like this one that reminds me of the privilege I have in being able to have lived long enough to be a grandfather. Congrats in producing a solid chip of a solid block. It’s the best work you’ll ever achieve, it’s the reason we live life.

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